Hackers to launch self satellites to block Internet censorship

Hackers to launch self satellites to block Internet censorship

Chaos Computer Club outlines the plan for ‘Hacker Space Global Grid’

“Let us take the Internet (Web) out of the control of the terrestrial entities.”

This is the call to arms that was issued by a hacker activist, Nick Farr, who is behind a new plan to launch satellites into the space in order to prevent the internet censorship which many have been contenplating over for a while now.  I hope you remember Godaddy and Stop Online Privacy Act issue – they supported the SOPA cause and lost over 72,354 of domain registrations in about a week alone with a record 21,000 domain registrations in one single day. And in order to reduce the number of people and business that are being moved from its service, Godaddy made an attempt to stop users by telling them to written authentication letter before they can move their domain registrations, which even turns out to be the greatest mistakes the company makes during the incident.Hackers plan space satellites to combat censorship

But, let’s leave Godaddy’ side and focus on the theme of the article.

Farr is who was a spokes person for a Germany-based Chaos Computer Club. He outlined the group’s mission when he was speaking at the Chaos Communication Congress held in Berlin, Germany, BBC reported. While he was calling for an “uncensorable Internet in space,” Farr outlined that the CCC’s Hackerspace Global Grid is a project that will involve setting up of low-cost ground stations which will help track and communicate with fast-moving satellites all over the world.

The time is now

Farr, who introduced the project and then began soliciting donations from every angle for the Hackerspace Global Grid this summer, said that the project is now a top priority for them because of the SOPA bill (Stop Online Piracy Act), a bill that many people believes could cause a catastrophic effects on the freedom of communication and how people connect to the world of Internet.

“Hackers are all about open information; we believe communication is a human right,” Farr stated.

Farr said that , CCC’s major motive in launching the proposed satellites into the space is knowledge, and the desire to “put humanity back in space in a meaningful way.”

With the support of Constellation, a German based Aerospace Research Initiative, the Hacker Space Global Grid plans to have three prototype ground stations of the project in place by the first half of 2012 will become a success with the partnership of the two team.

Tricky tech and a legal black hole

Alan Woodward, who is a computer science professor at University of Surrey told BBC that the hackers might not have an easy go of it in his statement:

“Low-Earth-orbit satellites, such as have been launched by amateurs so far, do not stay in a single place but rather orbit, typically every 90 minutes,” Woodward said. “That’s not to say they can’t be used for communications, but obviously only for the relatively brief periods that they are in your view.”

“It’s difficult to see how such satellites could be used as a viable communications grid other than in bursts,” Alan Woodward added.

Woodward explained that there is a legal black hole to engage with, as well because the outer space isn’t governed by the countries beneath it, so while the CCC’s satellites could function as planned, “any country could take the law into their own hands and disable the satellites.”

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27 responses to “Hackers to launch self satellites to block Internet censorship”

  1. Ammar Avatar

    Very Sad News 🙁

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Good news, not sad because they are fighting for what we don’t want to happen

  2. eiwo Avatar

    Depending on their motive for lunching. I hope is not a bad one

  3. Isaac Avatar

    This is interesting :).I don’t see it as a bad news anyway(controversial)

  4. Sandra Jones Avatar
    Sandra Jones

    Finally…..this should have been done a long time ago.

  5. Steve Avatar

    An uncensored Internet is both what we want, and do not want. Whereas all the government funded censorship shall disappear and people shall have real information, we might all fall victim to blatant prejudice & bias due to religion, caste, creed, nationality, gender, etc. Well-written post. Thanks for the share.

  6. Andy Avatar

    This is an amazing move by hackers. OMG!

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    This blog is helpful for everyone. thanks for sharing this blog.

  8. Stef Avatar

    When I first heard about the internet censorship, I already thought that there could always be a way to avoid it. This is indeed good news for all of us.

  9. harshit Avatar

    They all are mad…………….

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel


  10. sohan Avatar

    Very cool tips. thanks Daniel

  11. summerhathway Avatar

    Really a wonderful post to read it.

  12. bholi Avatar

    they all are not mad , but all are funny….?

  13. Andrew Avatar

    Interesting news! SOPA act is going to kill internet freedom. It’s good to know that someone is working to fight against it.

  14. orlando taxi Avatar
    orlando taxi

    Lolz its very funny and interesting i don’t think so that hackers have enough power to launch their own satellites to block internet censorship. United States cyber crime department are working on this issue from last year that to control the attacks of hackers on their confidential information.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      I hope everything works out for our good

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    Thanks for sharing this useful information. it is useful for everyone.

  16. Simple resume Avatar
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    good intention but in wrong manner

  17. milla Avatar

    i cant beleive that they will do that ;D

  18. naomi Avatar

    too brave to broadcast their plans..lol

  19. JamesW Avatar

    I hope they succeed, because Internet need to stay free and without censorship.
    And if don’t stick together, our governments will start to changing this amazing online world in another soul without freedom of speech.

  20. mike Avatar

    That is some statement by the hackers! Wonder what the response will be?

  21. ray Avatar

    isn’t this route going to be very expensive, I am thinking about the persmissions you would need to actually do this……………..but the idea itself is very novel

  22. Web Design Surrey Avatar
    Web Design Surrey

    Great news but that is not possible……

  23. Pushp Avatar

    Nice Idea,THnx hackers for let us enjoying this internet.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Those guys are genius and God will surely reward them awesomely 🙂

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