How to Quickly Hide Your Images on Android Phone

If you are looking for ways to hide your private photos & videos on Android, then this article is meant for you. Here, we’ll discuss how you can hide images using manual process and third-party apps.

So, you have those private photos and videos on your device and you don’t want anyone to see it, then it’s time to hide them following few best practices. To do this, you can use a manual method or try third-party apps to hide photos on your Android device.

Wondering how you can do that? Let’s discuss how you can hide photos on android.

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Wanna Hide Your Photos? If keeping your data off the prying eyes is of utmost importance to you, use these Android apps to hide images on your device.

Use the manual method to hide images

The first option is to follow the manual method. To do this, follow these steps.

Step 1: Create a new folder on your device and name it with a period (.) followed by file name. For example, you can save folder by selecting .hidefolder

Step 2: Now move all files that you want to keep hidden into this folder.

Here, this folder will not be visible in your app tray. If you want to see hidden files, then you need to select “Show hidden files” option in settings.

Use third-party apps to hide images

Keep Photos Secret

Keep Photos Secret is one of the best tools that offers numerous useful features to keep your photos & videos hidden on your Android device. Here, you can set different passwords for all your different accounts to keep them secret. When you move your files to this smart app, it prompts you to delete files from the original location so that no one accesses your files without your permission and passcode.Hide Images on Android with Keep Photos Secret

Features of Keep Photos Secret

Double Layer Password Security: App offers comprehensive security features. Here, it sets two different passwords to keep your data secured. One to lock the entire app and second to lock individual app.

Fingerprint Unlock: App supports fingerprint unlock option in addition to PIN and password option.

Safe & secure: App stores all your data to local storage on your device and doesn’t move it to cloud servers or any third storage place. Thus, you get complete control over your data without worrying about its privacy.

Passcode recovery: In case you forget your passcode, then the app will send you an email to help you recover passcode.

Stealth mode: This mode helps you keep the app disappeared from the recent apps list on your device. Thus, no one can track your activities.

App also offers multiple photo viewing, photo management, and video support features too.

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Photo Keeper

Photo Keeper is another effective solution that ensures your images & videos remain hidden to avoid security threats. It works on advanced techniques and smart algorithms to keep your photos secret. Using this tool, you can save a lot of your time and live stress-free without worrying about your private photos & videos on your device. This smart tool offers four major features to provide complete security.Hide Images with Photo Keeper Private Photos Hider

Features of Photo Keeper

Secret album: Once you move your images or videos to the app, it will not be displayed in your local photo management app or local storage. Thus, your data remain secure where no one can access your files without password.

Icon disguise: App allows you to disguise its icon as a calculator app or any other app you want. Thus, no one would know that you are using the secret photo app.

Intruder selfie: Here, when someone tries to open the app with the wrong password, the app will take the picture of the intruder.

Fake password: Enabling this feature, you can avoid people’s curiosity of checking into this app. Once you enable a fake password, the app will show an empty album.

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Hide Photos in Photo Locker

This smart app works on seamless UI and comes loaded with numerous features to help you secure all your important photos effortlessly. To save your time, it offers bulk operations where you can move hundreds of your photos to the secure photo vault. It works well both on mobiles and tablets to cater to all users.

Hide Photos in Photo Locker lets you hide android photos easily
If you are looking for the best Android app to hide your private photos & videos. Hide Photos in Photo Locker will hide images and other media files with ease.

Features of Hide Photos in Photo Locker

  • App uses strong 128-bit AES encryption to keep your data safe.
  • You can remove this app from recent apps list to keep it untraceable.
  • Once your phone goes to sleep mode the app will be locked automatically.
  • It offers slideshow viewing mode to help you customize delay settings.
  • Multi-touch feature to help you zoom in and zoom out photos.

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So, this was a quick review of how you can keep your private photos & videos secure on an Android device.

As you’ve learned, you can use both the manual method or by installing a third-party app to hide images on your Android device. But, if you are trying something else than these photo hider apps, then feel free to share in the comments below.


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