Hipe Messenger – The New emotional messenger lets you chat in a new dimension

Hipe Messenger let you chat emotionally for a better messaging experience

How often do you have not [enough] words to express your feelings or show your mood through messaging? We bet it happens with you almost every day. Most of the instant messengers are just a tool for communication and not the nice way to chat with loved ones. But there are some messengers in the field who can turn the communication to the more friendly side.

For example, Hipe messenger allows communicating mostly with pictures so you don’t need to try to find proper words every time you want to send a message. You can just send a nice card. [Pictures 1, 2, 3]

See it in dynamics:

Picture 1

Hipe Messenger emotional chatting

  Picture 2

I'm Tired as Hell - Hipe Messenger emotion

Picture 3

Hold on and eat some food

Let’s take a closer look into the app from the video below from our Youtube channel.

There are three main sections in the Hipe messenger app:

Hipe Messenger Public emotionsHipe — Public.

This is the collection of all public pictures in the app divided into the Popular, Trending, and Latest screens. There is also a series of thematic collections gathered by the team.

Hipe My.

Hipe Messenger My tabAll the images from the Public section and messages could be saved into user created categories under “My” section. So you could set up Hipe messenger for your own communication style.

That’s pretty awesome. Isn’t it?

Hipe  Dialogs.

Dialogs on HipeThis is the chatting room itself. Here we see the options to take photo and video, add some text, add a background and overlay from 12 preset categories of backgrounds and overlays for different situations, or your own collections, and to draw something.

There are a bunch of instruments for creating a message but if you answering to someone you have just 99 seconds for it. That could be tough at first but when you accept the rules of the game this limitations turns into the pure fun.

Conversations became more sincere and cool. By the way, you already see what your friend do this moment — there are fun statuses such as “looking at your message”, “browsing backgrounds…” etc. So you can see if they have seen your message and are they going to answer or not. That mean you won’t get yourself into a situation like this one:

If someone did not answer in 99 seconds, dialog will expire. That’s it. No history, no awkwardness.


To perform task or draw something through Hipe messenger

There are some more nice social features in the app such as the abilities to forward messages to friends in Hipe, share messages and your HipeID to social networks and add friends with only HipeID and not the phone number (pretty nice for those who care of their privacy). Hipe users also can send a message to a friend who’s not in Hipe yet — he’ll be able to see it on the website and even reply to it. Also, the app supports both one-on-one and group dialogs and available on the Apple store and Google Play.

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