Where Is a Home for Broken Laptops?

For people who love the culture of the 1980s, one pop song that surely made a mark in their consciousness was the late Whitney Houston’s “Where Do Broken Hearts Go?” The song explored the options of people once they are broken, which is rather weird, because the song suggests being ‘back to the open arms of the love that’s waiting there.’ Wait, does that mean people should give their hearts back to the ones that hurt them?

How about for laptops? 

So where exactly do old, used and broken laptops go when people cannot seem to find any use for them anymore?  Do they go somewhere else, or do they come back to their owners who ‘destroyed’ them in the first place?

We can see broken laptops and other electronic waste in landfills, junk shops and other places where they idle when no one seems to care. They pollute land resources when chemical components leak through the sipping soil.

A badly broken laptop computer parts ready for e-waste
broken laptop computer

They also pollute our water reserve when these chemicals find their way into open streams of water; with fluids mixing with H2O. These chemical compounds can go and damage the lives of countless organisms living under these waters and therefore, carry over the toxic materials from prey to predator in a never-ending cycle.

What’s horrifying to know is that humans are somehow always at the end of the food chain. We eat the fish, we eat the animals, and we eat the plants found on these reserves. After all the accumulation of toxic materials from e-wastes to our various source of food, we tend to have the highest level of contamination. This can lead to brain damage, biological deformities and death.

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Aren’t you scared enough?

If we are to talk about the ways we can solve and prevent these problems, there really is a lot to do. But the most basic thing we can do to contribute to a better environment and better state of health for us humans is through recycling these laptops properly. How should we do it? Here’s how.

Selling used laptops is the first step to having your broken laptop recycled. When you opt to try selling used laptops, you can do away with dumping it in the trash with nothing good in return. Selling used laptops makes the difference by giving you all the benefits, whether in the form of saving the planet, saving yourself and earning you money.

Of course, you can always repair these laptops yourself, especially if the cause of the laptop malfunctioning is a damaged part that can be replaced.   Whether you are looking for Alienware laptop replacement parts for your gaming needs or Dell laptops replacement parts for your office machine, upgrade your DIY skills with computers and get your old laptop running again.  Just make sure you are precise in finding the right replacement parts, or you’ll end up spending more and wasting money in the process.  Who knows, if your friend needs help with MSI laptop replacement parts, you might be able to lend a hand.  And yes, fixing your own laptop will let everyone know that just like Whitney’s song, you are the open arms of someone who will always wait and care for it.

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