Do Home Security Systems Really Work? Expert’s Opinion

The short answer is yes.

Home security systems do work. They make your properties less likely to be targeted by thieves and intruders. They can stop an actual burglary from happening and they can even protect your neighbors.

But, how exactly can they protect your home?

In a study sponsored by the National Institute of Justice, around 90% of the 30 burglars involved in the study admitted that they wouldn’t choose to attack a home that’s clearly protected by a home security camera. Instead, they’ll look for other more vulnerable targets.

In a separate study by the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice, it was found out that security systems can also provide protection to nearby homes. In essence, this means that if there are enough homes in a community with functioning security systems, they can be enough to protect the entire area.

Home security systems work by deterring burglars. Since these people prefer to attack houses that are easy to break into without being detected or seen, the presence of a security system will likely discourage them.

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The Limitations of Home Security Systems

Home security systems are effective but it doesn’t mean that they can work all the time. There are still a handful of factors you need to consider to make sure your system works as it should.

One good example is the placement of your devices. You need to be strategic in where you set up your motion sensors and cameras. You need to place them in the weaker areas of your home, such as your back door. As much as possible, keep some of these sensors and cameras visible to other people. Burglars are less likely to attack if they sense that your home is monitored.

Being consistent in using your system counts, too. Make it a habit to arm your system whenever you’re going out. It doesn’t really matter if it’ll just be a short trip to the grocery store or a quick run around your neighborhood. Burglars attack when you least expect them to.

Choosing The Right Type of System

There are different types of home security systems. Each of these systems caters to different needs and provide different levels of protection.

In choosing the right one for you, it’s a good idea to assess what your home needs and what type of protection you’ll likely benefit from. If you are the type who doesn’t like assembling and setting up things, you’ll be better off with a system that’s professionally installed. In case you’re not always at home or you simply want someone to keep an eye on your property all the time, then your best bets are systems that are professionally monitored.

Take note, however, that choosing a system with more advanced features can mean paying for a higher price. So, before you actually sign up for anything, make sure that you only get features you’ll need.

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The Extras

For a home security system to be able to give you comprehensive protection, you need to have more than just the basic devices. Take, for example, your sensors.

Motion sensors are a great help in alerting you of any suspicious and unexpected activity at home. However, for you to actually determine if it’s indeed a burglar and not just your dog, you’ll need to be able to see what triggered the alarm. If you work miles away from home or you’re traveling halfway around the world, this can be difficult.

This is where investing in a security camera becomes important. It will allow you to check on your home even without being physically there. It can also help your monitoring station verify the alarm for you.

In addition to cameras, you should also consider getting smoke sensors and carbon monoxide detectors. Since gases aren’t visible to the naked eye, you can get exposed to them without you noticing. And the longer you get exposed, the more risky it becomes for your health.

In Summary

Home security systems are effective in protecting homes and valuables. Just their presence can be enough to deter burglars and intruders.

Unfortunately, they have limitations and these are the exact things that weaken them. If you want to eliminate or reduce these weaknesses, you have to pay close attention to the system you are getting.

Make sure that it has all the features your home needs to stay protected. Place your security devices in the areas of your home that need them the most. You can also boost your home’s security by expanding your system and getting additional devices.

Of course, for your home security system to actually work, you need to use them. Arm your system whenever you leave your house. You should also make it a habit to check your security devices routinely to make sure that all of them are working and that they have enough battery life in them.

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