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What does Host1Plus VPS hosting has to offer?

VPS hosting is a great choice for many internet users, blog creators, developers and IT people in general.VPS Hosting

Let’s investigate why people choose VPS server.

First of all, virtual private server says that it is private. What that means?

It means that VPS runs on its own operating system and only one person controls it, you do not share it with other people like you would if you chose shared (web) hosting.

VPS servers have just a tiny bit less power than dedicated servers but they are much cheaper for people who are looking for a competitive priced service. People of all ages can use VPS server because it is easy to set up and control.

Host1Plus offers a one click application auto-installer to make life easier for its customers.

Server selection from Host1Plus VPS Hosting

I will go over the plan called Silver since it is the most popular one from Host1Plus.VPN Hosing

The Host1Plus VPS hosting Silver plan gives you 1 CPU, 768 RAM, 30 GB of HDD+SSD and 1000 Bandwidth.

These resources I have just mentioned are not set in stone. What fascinates me is that you can edit these resources the way you want them to be, depending on how much specific resources you need you can adjust them accordingly.

Additional features of the Host1Plus VPS Hosting

Host1Plus VPS Hosting also has some additional features that they offer in accordance to hosting. One of the greatest software which is a huge help for starting bloggers and web creators. This software can install Joomla, Magenta, Oxid, PrestaShop, WordPress and osCommerce systems to your website.VPS Hosting

In addition to this, you can choose one out of five different locations your server will be held at. I would highly advise to choose the nearest location to your place as it will bring you more speed to your service.host1plus VPS Hosting sever location

Host1Plus VPS Hosting Accept your Choice Payment Systemhost1plus VPS Hosting payment options

For the convenience of their clients Host1Plus VPS Hosting accepts a huge range of payment methods. This makes the life for clients much easier as they can pick their own preferred payment method. You can pay with PayPal, WeMoney, Alipay, Skrill, EBANX, cashU, bitcoins and much more.


All these extra features that Host1Plus VPS Hosting offers are great and it really makes them stand out from the crowd. Their excellent server location is a choice for many clients because they can cover a lot of ground by putting their servers smartly across the globe. Professional and friendly support really makes you feel at home and you just simply can’t say no to Host1Plus as they are the best at what they do.

Take a tour to the Host1Plus VPS Hosting Official Website for more


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