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4 Hottest Korean Technology Trends You Should Know About

What to know hottest Korean technology trends? We’ve got them covered for you!

Korea is one of the best and advanced countries of the world both in manpower and technological tools. Apart from being one of busiest destination of the world; it is also a comely place for tourist’s individuals from all part of the world. Over the years, the countries has really advanced in technology and human power to the extent that, there is mostly nothing that you won’t find in the country. They achieved this feat because the people who are living in country were hardworking individuals and they embraced technology as well.

In technological tools, the country holds the big shares of the world supply chain, having two world powerful technology product cutting edge producers like Samsung and LG.

For the past 50 years, Korea has rapidly developed, attracting investors from the United States of America and other part of the European nations.

This country for years has long been an attractive place to look for trends in technology and popular culture. And that is why I shall be showing you the four hottest korean technology trends that you should know about this great location of the world.

So, I want to share with you 4 hottest Korean technology trends that you think you know but you do not. Knowing these things will help you see the true benefits in investing in Korea rather than other part of the world.

Fou Hottest Korean Technology Trends

Apple Products is all over the place

apple products, ipad, iphone, ipod touchIt is no more news that an Apple product rules the world of mobile technology. It always amazed me when I’m thinking of it’ staggering development over the past few years. The Asian market has really been transformed from the normal Galapagos Island of quality phones that is made by Korean and Japanese titans to shear Apple domination. Even when comfortable youngsters out there used to hype most of the latest gadgets from Samsung and LG – this time, all every one of them now wants is iEverything – iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch and iTV and even iHealth, and the next may be iRubbish :D.

The majority of the people in this country love the i-brand more than any other thing now, even they’ve forgotten most of the household brands in the country due to the nice and awesome design of most Apple’s products.

KakaoTalk is killing local SMS providers

KakaoTalk message and group chat appThroughout the world, SMS messaging is swiftly being replaced by some exceptional apps out there which send messages and others over the internet instead of using GSM phones.

The basic and main advantages of these apps are that, those messages are free to send (apart from the cost of browsing the internet), no matter where the receiver is located at in throughout the world. and another great thing there is that, you can send message along with other files such as video, images, high resolution photos and also share your location with friends through group chatting and others.

WhatsApp Rocking the West

WhatsApp is known to be the most popular for the people of the west, but in South Korea, everyone with a smartphone uses the locally made KakaoTalk for their messaging needs.

Presently, the KakaoTalk app is available for download for free on both iPhone and Google Android in Korean, Japanese, and English language.

Superfast internet experience with 4G WiBro Internet Access

4G WiBro superfast internet acessThis country still holds the record of having a superfast internet connection experience since the history of the WOW (World Wide Web). Even while the western part of Korea happily manage from its available modest 3G mobile connections, South Korea on the other hand is still going faster anywhere else with the adoption of its 4G WiBro (or WiMax technology) technology offering speeds up to 40.32 Mbps on the go. And in measurement, that is exactly around 10 xs faster than the 3G and also better than what the most European and American people can get over a fixed line to their personal homes. And the main use of this superfast internet facility is mainly for streaming movies since that is one of the major works of Korean commuters.

How I wish this type of internet access which the people of Korea were enjoying would be available in Africa!

If that happens, I will just be the first person to announce that African countries have started enjoying superfast internet facility like the Koreans. But I know, very soon our own technology will improve to match-up with these Korean technology trends! I believe so, now that we have some interesting and revolutionary African entrepreneurs doing well to improve the continent’s service deliverability. 🙂

Korea is blessed with lots of benefits and many investors in the US could find the place comely for them if they want to move their business to another great height since the people are now spending more on technology products made both inside and outside the region.

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