Understanding How Businesses Can Benefit From Email Validators

If email marketing is part of your promotional strategy (which it probably is), you know how efficient it can be for your business. For example, 80% of retail professionals indicate that email marketing is the best way to retain customers.

Email marketing metrics are easy to read and analyze, which helps improve the campaign tremendously and avoid extra expenses. But what if the information you obtain from your email marketing campaign is wrong? What if your strategy is faulty? It could happen for one simple reason: failing to maintain the email list hygiene.

An email validator can solve many problems your business could face when dealing with poor email marketing analysis. Let’s take a look. 

How Business Can Benefit from Using Email Validator

Email Validation - Understanding How Businesses Can Benefit From Email Validators
What is an email validation and of what value are email validators to your small or large scale business?

1. Avoid Spam Traps

One of the simplest ways to put a spammy email into a spam folder is to use a spam trap. Unfortunately, legitimate senders can fall victims to such spam traps unless they validate their email lists.

So-called pristine spam traps appear on your list if you use illegal ways to collect email address, such as website scraping. If you have purchased an email list, it’s likely to contain a spam trap.

This means that your emails will go directly to spam folders without the reader ever getting the chance of seeing them. Even the simplest email validating software can identify spam traps and remove them from your list.

2. Avoid Blacklisting

If you keep sending emails, which end up bounced or in spam folders, your domain and IP address can be blacklisted. Why would your emails be considered spam? It could happen if you keep sending them to wrong or non-existent addresses.

Improving your sender’s score, which shows your reputation as a sender, can be tough. More often than not, blacklisted addresses need to be changed and so do the domains. This can substantially disrupt the operation of your marketing team and hinder promotional campaign results.

3. Save Money

When you use email service providers to send your mail, the more messages you send, the higher the costs are. If one out of every 10 emails on your list is invalid, you are paying 10% more than you should be for your email marketing campaign.

Meanwhile, the number of bounced emails means that your marketing team gets the wrong information about the efficiency of the campaign, thus working out new and often unnecessary strategies.

 This forces the staff to work harder and lose focus on other important matters. As a result, your company wastes money and effort.

4. Better Customer Service

If you keep sending emails to wrong addresses, your real clients may not be getting them. If you want to retain existing clients, you have to send follow up emails. 28% of consumers prefer to receive marketing emails more than once a week.

The above means that you can get a good retention rate if you manage to send emails to the target audience.

If you fail to send the right follow-up or promotional materials, you could lose important potential customers. This can happen due to a silly typo during the creation of the email list.

5. Bigger Profits

According to email validation experts at Byteplant, a top-notch marketing campaign must include high-quality email marketing strategy. By failing to make sure all your customers receive your emails or wasting time on restoring your sender’s reputation, you lose money.

By taking advantage of such simple software as an email validator, you can have peace of mind about the quality of your promotional campaign and its results. 

Today, the majority of marketing specialists use email validation services. Some still try to clean their email lists by hand, but it’s too time-consuming. Take time to learn about validators today and improve your business tomorrow.


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