How Direct Mail Pumps Digital Marketing Campaigns?

Direct mail marketing has been in existence for decades despite the leaps made in the digital marketing world with mobile ad expenses predicted to touch $247 billion by 2020.

Direct mails sound old-fashioned but a Gallup survey confirms a whopping 95% of people love getting those letters over mobile texts or emails. They are easy to read and respond to, unlike the countless emails stuffed in your inbox.

As per the DMA Response Rate Report 2018, the household list response rate was 9% in 2018 – a notable spike from 5.1% in the previous year. This evidently proves that marketers are churning out useful data to influence user behavior.

It, nowhere, means the end of the road for digital marketers. In fact, if used with tact, direct mail marketing can help digital marketers to convert their offline customers into the online market.

Without much ado, let’s find out how direct mail pumps digital marketing?

How Direct Mail Pumps Digital Marketing Campaigns
Doubting the impact of direct mail over other forms of advertising in influencing digital marketing campaigns?

1. Display Ads

Out of sight is out of mind. This stands true in the world of digital marketing as well where the attention span of an average user does not last more than eight seconds. Identify the direct mailing list data with the available IP addresses to display targeted ads while users are browsing on preferred websites.

This helps to persuade them to shop for your product or service, possibly in a lesser time than previously thought of.

Regardless of the stage of the sale funnel – top, middle or bottom – display ads can influence the decision of your prospective customers in your favor. Your Display Ads here flat illustration

2. Facebook Ads

Facebook is unarguably the largest social media networking site with 2.32 billion active users. In 2019, Mark Zuckerberg shared that an average person spends 20 minutes each day using Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram (also owned by Facebook) per visit.

What does that mean for marketers? You have those 20 minutes to personalize your ads according to the user preferences. Use the direct mailing list data to send targeted ads on their news feed to stay fresh in their minds, and keep your products or services in active consideration.

That means that if you want to be where your customers are, you’ll need to consider advertising on this powerful social media platform.Facebook Ads

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be a constant factor for most digital marketing campaigns.

As per the Date & Marketing Association, up to 90% of direct mail gets opened, compared to only 20-30% of emails. However, instead of giving up on your current strategies, integrate your efforts with direct mail marketing strategies.

Add your email id to the direct mails (letters, flyers, postcards, etc.) to stay fresh in the memory of the customers. This helps them recognize your direct mail offer and read through the email to learn more about your offerings.

Schedule a series of emails to build the anticipation and forge a strong bond with your prospective customers.

The Bottom Line

Whether to integrate or not is your choice. The fact of the matter is to use the available user data in more than one way.

The most fascinating part of digital marketing is comparatively low investment, and if you could collaborate with the latest Programmable Direct Tools, you can make a notable change in the return on investment.

How? The advanced algorithm of this tool helps to determine the user intent to design and send relevant direct mails that gives rise to highly effective purchasing decisions and drives conversions for your business. However, make sure you have experienced website developers by your side to create a spectacular digital presence to support direct mail campaigns.





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