How to Add Facebook Likes Inside Email

I have been using this add-on for a while on my computer and it worked great and you need to check it out too. I was then using this addon for my Mozilla before I got new personal computer to replace the old Dell Laptop I was using then. Not that old…lol.

Many people find it difficult to add a permanent signature to their gmail account due to some challenges in opening the features where it was in the settings are. That is why this Firefox addon was made available for people facing problems like this.

What Are The Things You Can Add to Your Signature?

The number of things you can add to your signature are countless except if you don’t want to. You can add your Facebook Likes feature for the latest posts on your blog. You can promote your StumbleUpon posts, you can share your Twitter latest posts or links via this same process. This addon have many features that lets do more within a short possible time and it can help you get good website bounce rate by helping you increase the number of readers of your posts. Every time you send out new email, your latest article links will be automatically added to the message footer by default. You can also add your blog image and some other things to brand yourself and your business very well.

You can see how my own looks….

Watch this video to see how you can automatically create a specially designed signature for all the email messages you are sending out of your mail hassle.

This video will show you how to go about installing the addon and some of the benefits you can get from using it. But, before then, you can go to this website to download the addon for your computer browser and then come back to view the video.

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