How To Download Directly From The Internet to your DropBox Account

If you have a Dropbox account, you will understand what I am about to show you here. With dropbox, you can save your files and folder which you have on your computer hard drives to the backup spaces which DropBox offers you as one of its users but, there’s only one way in which you can use to save file while using DropBox and that method is to add files to dropbox account via your account or through the desktop application based folder that dropbox provides for you when you first opened an account with them.

This is embarrassing sometimes when you have files which you wanted to download from the internet and save it into your dropbox account and then found out that you can be able to save it in your account directly until you download it to the computer and then upload it back online again, this can action can decrease your internet connection bandwidth if care is not taking but now, there’s is a solution to this problem now.

I have helped you found a solution to downloading files directly to your dropbox account via the internet without the need to first download the file to your computer before uploading it back to the dropbox online backup account


How Can I do That?

Since this is now simplified, you can now download anything from the web directly into your dropbox account without much problem, just enter the URL of the file you want to download into the URL Droplet Web App and within some minutes or seconds you files are already in your dropbox account. The URL Droplet service is an online based app that gives you access to download anything you want to download from the internet to your dropbox account without much hassle to your DropBox online backup folder.

Steps To Do Just That….

The very moment that you have inserted your download URL link into the site search box and then click to download and you will be seeing what is happening in your account with the addition of the latest files which you downloaded from the internet to your account. your into your Dropbox account and grant access to URL Droplet

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