How to install Cyanogen Mod 7 on HTC Desire S

These days number of latest smartphones releasing every now and then but with some limitations or lack in feature as manufactured from the factory just like in the case of Galaxy Ace, there was no flash in the device, but it can be obtained by rooting the device. Rooting is also the one way but installing Custom ROM enhances the ability of the smartphone which will cause.

Cyanogen Mod is one of the most popular Cyanogen Mod only for android smartphones. This Custom ROM is supporting more than 60 phones. This is much stable ROM as well as 60% of users are insisting on it. Installing cyanogen mode is easy but risky as well; remember the fact that once the smartphone is rooted the warranty of the smartphone is removed. Also you should be very careful while rooting. The first and the most important to make sure while rooting the device is that your smartphone should be charged to more than 80% in order to process safe Rooting of the device.How to install Cyanogen Mod 7 on HTC Desire S

Now in the case of HTC desire S, by rooting and installing custom ROM will give many necessary advantages that is more speed, interface, applications and enhancement in battery. You will get access to all feature of the smartphone as well as access to the internal system of the device.
After installing Cyanogen Mod on the device you can customize it the way you want either giving it the look as the android system of Samsung Galaxy Smartphones or like Nexus. In one sentence the power of android will get in your hands. And remember that Cyanogen is completely free.

Now before starting with the process there are many things to check. I have written in terms of point to make you understand clearly.

  • Backup All the Data like Contacts, Pictures and videos. If the data is stored online then no need to worry about that.
  • Remember that this process will void your warranty.
  • As mentioned earlier charge your battery to 100% in order to prevent any unexpected error during the process because of instant shutdown.
  • Your Personal Computer or laptop should be having only Windows, Linux or Mac installed; no other Operating system will give guarantee of proper functioning.
  • Keep your USB chord connected with the phone to the PC. Do not remove in between the process else it would destroy the whole system of the device.
  • When the installation will be completed you can use your backup to bring back all the files safely.

Installing of Cyanogen Mod 7 on HTC Desire S

  • Download the latest version Cyanogen mod from here.
  • Copy the .zip file you had downloaded in the root folder of micro SD.
  • Turn off the phone and enter the Recovery mode. Use the side volume buttons to move the selection bar up and down and select the following zip.
  • Select the Factory Reset button. This is compulsory.
  • Now select Wipe Cache partition, as this would remove all the partition.
  • Choose Install zip from SD card” and then “choose zip from SD card”. The zip file downloaded should be in the list. Just select it.
  • After that select the Go back button to get into the main menu and then hit the “Reboot System”.

Congratulations the Cyanogen mode has been finally installed on your smartphone!
My name is Rishiraj Sisodia and I love to write posts on latest smartphones. I am currently working on these smartphones named HTC wildfire S and HTC desire S which can be tweaked easily.

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