How to Reverse IP on Blackberry Smartphones + Free Browsing Tricks

Wanna your Reverse Blackberry phone IP to use free browsing tricks on it?

If you want to reverse IP on your Blackberry device with ease, please simply follow this steps I will be explaining to you below, it is going to help you do the task with ease. However, before we start, these are the basic things that you need to put in place before everything will work as expected:

  • BB Desktop manager software
  • USB cable
  • Service book.

NB: We are going to upload a video tutorial for this same task anytime soon. Stay tuned!

Steps to Reverse IP on Blackberry Smartphones

Step 1:

You can easily download service book from here:  

1. Go to your BB phone home screen and,

2. Navigate to OPTIONS


4. Scroll down to the SERVICE BOOK and then click on it

5. When you are inside the service book, HOLD down the ALT button and type: S B E B on your device.

6. If you did the above correctly, you will see this message: LEGACY SB RESTORE ENABLED

7. Please don’t leave that stage until you get that success message. And once you get that, proceed to the next step.

PLEASE NOTE: that on some Blackberry smartphones, to type the letter S, you will have to press the key twice, to type b (you will press once), to type E (press once), and to type B (press once).

Step 2:

Immediately you have successfully completed the first steps explained above, what next is for you to proceed to the next stage;

1. You must be sure that you have successfully downloaded service book from this page here>>>>>, and save it on your computer desktop with the name: book.ipd or any other thing you want to use. 

2. Now connect your Blackberry phone to the Computer (Your home PC) and then launch your BLACKBERRY DESKTOP MANAGER SOFTWARE.

3. Immediately the software connects to your blackberry phone, then go to the BACKUP and RESTORE section on the software.  

4. Click on FILE and select OPEN. From there, find the IPD file on the computer desktop and click OK to proceed.

5. Click the file and then transfer it to the right side of the screen. It will then start transferring the files in order to overwrite the old service book on your device.

6. If you have successful did these steps, disconnect your blackberry device.

7. Then open your default blackberry WAP browser and open it, and you will see that it will open the proxy, from there, you should start browsing the net through the proxy for FREE!

PS NOTE: When you download the file, book.ipd, you should make sure to rename it from the default name you downloaded it with, you can change it to anything you want with the extension at the end of it, like this one: techatlast.ipd (the extension IPD at the back is a must). 

Now connect your Blackberry smartphone to Blackberry Platform Manager on the PC and transfer the new file that has been renamed to the phone. This action will prompt you whether to overwrite the existing one there, click on YES to accept it and you are good to go and browse for free.

Now scroll to your Blackberry phone web browser and begin to use proxy to surf the web without paying anyone for it. 🙂

Do you find it useful, please share your comment as this will help us know how we’re doing.





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  1. Jovie Onyema Avatar
    Jovie Onyema

    this is interesting. i’m probably gonna check it out.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Please do check it out bro. Thanks for your comment

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    this is interesting. i’m probably gonna check it out…thanks for sharing

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    MIT Jobs

    I haven’t tried this before. Thanks for sharing this information. I’ll definitely going to try this.

  4. kenneth Avatar

    After opening file file when click ok on ipd it says the data was not recognised by the desktop

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Which version of the Desktop software you were using? And also, which Operating System?

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