FYI – 5 Tips to Secure Wireless Network from Hackers

Most of my accounts were hacked yesterday! I got to know I was not using secure wireless network. I was so mad at myself for letting this happen to me so cheaply. But thank God, I was able to get my email fixed and several other social media accounts after series of actions. I wouldn’t want you to witness this, so I came up with a post to enlighten you about wireless internet security.

If you are mostly concerned about the security of your internet connection (I mean wireless internet connection), then it will be nice for you to learn about different ways to protect it from unauthorized access, because that, alone, can affect its performance if you don’t.

So here in this article are some of the things that you need to do in order to secure wireless network around you from hacking attempts and unauthorized access.

How You Can Secure Wireless Network Around You From HackersSecure your Wireless Network from Hackers

#1. Install or Enable Firewall Software

The work of a firewall is to help you protect your computer from unauthorized access from anybody within your computer’s vicinity and that’s why you need to enable it on your computer or if you don’t have it installed, you can get one from any computer shop in your area to use. Firewall works just like the name it is been called, it helps your computer by staying in-between your computer and the other third-person or device which is trying to access the computer’s network and will not allow them to have access to the connection.

When your firewall sees an attempt from an outsider person or device trying to gain access to the computer, it will notify you and it will now left on you either to allow or to block the information from passing through the medium to your computer or to go out of your computer to another place.

#2. Inspect SSID Settings

The very first time that you bought your wireless internet connection router, the SSID name and the password are at default set to a specified name (just like this “admin”) that just anyone can just guess and use to connect to your internet connection but by changing the name to your own specified name will make it very hard for people to be able to guess your SSID name and even the password. Anybody can have access to your computer if you don’t change the default SSID name to your own so that it can be different from the one everyone is using which is very common.

#3. Disable Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

If your internet connection is been used to serve small amount of computers, it will be okay for you to consider disabling the dynamic host configuration protocol on your wireless router so that you can prevent the connection from unauthorized access. But in a situation where you are using the connection to shared connection with large amount of computers, then you can keep on using it but it is not advisable for your connection best performance. You can also make sure that your connection is not easily accessible by making sure that you restrict access to the wireless internet connection’s router by using a particular internet protocol for everybody that which to connect to the connection.

#4. Turn-off SSID Broadcasting of Your Router

Your router just like I said above is configured at default to allow people to access to it because of the default configuration that is on it and if you are most serious about securing your wireless internet connection, you should find a way to protect your connection. One of the best ways to protect your wireless internet connection is by disabling the SSID broadcasting of your connection. The function of the SSID is to help you send data connection from one computer to another. It is the signal between your computer that is telling other computer that you have an internet access that which they can have access to either freely or with password. This is another reason why you should make sure that you password-protect your SSID broadcasting so that no one can have access to your internet access without your consent. Remember that you can use the Verizon Wireless promo code to buy a brand new router from Verizon in case you need one.

#5. Use WEP instead of WAP

WAP is known to be very much vulnerable to hacking attempts. WEP is another form of wireless connection (Wi-Fi connection) that is very much known to be very difficult for hackers and crackers to break-through to. Nobody can access your Wi-Fi connection if you are using Wired Equivalence protocol as your security technique because it is very hard to break into and it is a kind of connection that has complex authentication to prevent unauthorized access. WEP (wired equivalent protocol) is very good when it comes to information encryption by protecting the system from dangerous wireless connection between the computer and the access points.

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If you don’t want to expose your private data to external sources, spending few time in learning how the internet works and the security practices around it would be a wise act. We are in the era of fast information and fast moving technologies and there’s upgrades on newer technologies every minute. What does that have to teach you?

You need to upgrade as soon as possible and I believe with the tips above, you should be able to have secure wireless network connectivity in your home, at works, or anywhere without interruption.

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