4 Unique Tips on How to Start a Tech Blog

How to Start a Tech Blog

In the internet world, blogs are now very rampant on the internet. Many are just there adding to the list of the many blogs we have on the internet while there are a host of others that are pretty successful. One of the most dominated niches in blogging is the tech niche, after the make money online quick! niche. Before you start a tech blog, there are tips you must learn about in order to avoid being among the blogs that are just making the list and so not making success on the internet.

Before I finally came up with my Lunarpages and iContact coupon blog, I made sure it was a niche I was very good at. I made sure I wasn’t going to start learning what I need to share in the process of becoming a successful blogger but I was already a guru in the field, maybe not the best! Initially I wanted to start a tech blog, but I noticed the niche is too dominated and many bloggers there know more than I do! Though, since then, I’ve been able to gather the ideas I need to launch a tech blog and now I’m ready to share them with you.Start a tech blog


Be Ready to Pay the Sacrifice

Many ‘make money online’ bloggers and ‘how to become successful instantly with my tips’ bloggers often look down on tech bloggers as bloggers that are not ready to pay the price of blogging. This is what I have experience in! I have a handful of make money quick bloggers and a host of tech bloggers and I know how they feel about each other!

Don’t be deceived, you are in to pay some sacrifice! Techcrunch.com and Engadget.com did not fly to where they are now. They paid the sacrifice they have to pay as tech bloggers competing with a host of smart make money quick! bloggers.

Play With Toys!

Another unique tip you need to possess as a tech blogger is the ability to try out every new tech toys in the market. How do you think Makeuseof is able to produce the best and latest news on technology? They always try out new things and so are never left behind when something new is out.

Play with toys! Buy gadgets, useful or useless ones! Write something about each gadget you purchase from the market. Don’t be afraid of bashing the new product Google and Microsoftreleased. They can’t penalize you for doing it because you are only doing what every other smart blogger would have done.

Be Smart

Be smart! Don’t wait for anybody. Tech bloggers are now the focus of the web! Every Google search result displays one or two tech blog and so if you are waiting for your friend to say something about that popular news before you do so, you are only selling your Google search traffic to him!

While it’s also good to make friends and share your ideas with them, you have to do so with caution. Every big idea you know can make you more traffic and money should be implemented before you talk about it to your blogger friends. Unless you are ready to lose you traffic to them.

Learn to Work Hard

Another thing tech bloggers are good at is working hard to gain traffic. Majority of the traffic tech blogs derive come from Google and other search engines. Everybody goes online to look for some ‘how-to’ and this is what tech bloggers blog about mostly. If you can cover three to four ‘how-to’ articles a day, you can dominate the search engine for most of those keywords and get more traffic to your blog.

Apply these tips I learned after starting my discount and coupon blog and see how successful you will become as a tech blogger! I believe with this post, you wouldn’t have any other problem on How to Start a Tech Blog anymore because of the ideas you’ve got from this post.


7 responses to “4 Unique Tips on How to Start a Tech Blog”

  1. Naser Avatar

    These tips are really great and motivating. Thanks for sharing Daniel.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Hi Naser, thanks a ton for the kind comment 🙂

  2. Jasmine Avatar

    You are right. In order to start a great tech blog, you have to try out new gadgets.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Yes, that’s very sure! You need to learn about how all gadgets you can lay your hands on work. With this, you can do a lot of things on your blog but without that, it is impossible. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. M.Pinto Avatar

    “Be Ready to Pay the Sacrifice” – Most Important One…
    Good post. Thanks for the share!! 🙂

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Thanks Pinto for your comment 🙂

  4. Rebi Avatar

    Your tips are really unique, very helped in my work…….

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