How to Track Links: Tracks Post You’ve Written on Google

At times, we bloggers find it difficult to keep records of all the links to our blog and guest posts that we have written for a very long time and that alone makes it very difficult for us to share them on social media sites and for some others reasons.

It normally becomes a big problem for us because it is very hard to gather all the links of posts from the blog archives every time.

Most of the times, when you are writing blog posts where you wish to reference to some other blogger’s post or you want to track links that other bloggers have created to their respective blogs, then this is the best idea you need to do that.

So, what can you do to make sure that all your posts and guest posts written by you are easily tracked? That’s where Google’s inpostauthor feature comes in.

You can now check all posts you’ve written for a very long time on Google without stress, you can get all useful information about a post that a particular blogger either in your niche or others have written online earlier past.

With this search features, once you enter the search query, you will be able to get the actual information about the person in real-time without stress, full will all details of the person.

To use Google to search for blog posts by someone, just enter your search query in the form below in this picture and you will get the actual results that will even amaze you because the engine will lists all posts that the fellow has written from the first day he started blogging till present.

You just have to enter the word in this format (inpostauthor:”Olawale Daniel”)

After that click on the search button and you will get results like the one below….

That is how the information will about the person will show on Google search page and from there you can then start to do any other thing you wish to do with some of the links and another great thing is that you can use the techniques to track some of your competitors performance in order to know the type of website they submit their guest posts for and some others.

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