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How to Update Windows 8 Apps Manually

The much awaited, Windows 8 from the Microsoft is finally out and you can get the same by paying for it. Well, I know, you are smart enough that you might have already installed Windows 8 on your system. Right? Thumbs up, if it’s. Well, talking about the Windows 8, it has got plenty of features in it  and is expected to break all the records, in terms of popularity, in terms of sales and the Windows 8 app market is rapidly growing everyday and offers most for free.

You might be familiar with the features that Windows 8 offers to you, but do you know that Microsoft has announced the store for Windows 8 apps. The Windows Store is also getting good response, other from the users and developers and now the apps’ count has hit the mark of 17,000 +.

Windows 8 apps


The main work of Windows Store is to provide you one place to find all of your favorite apps, to use with your Windows 8. But along with that, Windows Store also features the automatic updating facility, for the apps, you download from it. This is one of the much appreciated features of Windows Store as you don’t need to take the tension of updating your apps. Windows Store does this work for you.

I know this feature is great and is useful for every individual, but if along with that, you should also be familiar with the manual update of apps. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard. Let’s have a look at the process to manually update your Windows 8 Apps.

Windows 8 apps home screen

But Why Updating Windows 8 Apps Manually ? 

Well, as already stated, you get the facility of automatic update of your Windows 8 apps, then why to go all these steps for manual update? There are two major reasons to learn manual update process. Firstly, sometimes, even Windows Store does not push the updates and if you are solely dependent on the automatic update feature, then you will surely miss that new update. So unknowingly, you will be having old version of that particular app, while other smart users, will be having the latest one.

Secondly, Windows Store may be late in pushing updates for installed apps. It may also happen that your friends will get the latest version of any app, before than, you get. I know, you will not like to defeat from your friends. Will you? So if you don’t want, then do follow this step by step process to manually update your Windows 8 apps.

Updating the Windows 8 Apps Manually 

  • Of course, open the Windows Store first. Familiar with how to do it? I hope you are.
  • So now open the Charms menu by pressing Windows + C  shortcut. Though, this is simple way to open the Charms Menu, but you can open it with the help of mouse as well. For this, move your mouse cursor to Charms menu hotspot. It’s located on the top right of screen.
  • Once the menu gets opened, click on “Settings” and then “App updates”.
  • Under the “App updates” menu, click on “Check for updates”.
  • The same will be performed and you will be taken to new page, in case, any new update(s) is/are found.
  • Use the “Select All” option to select all the available updates. Of course, you can choose the updates manually as well.
  • Clicking on “View details” button will display the details of selected update. Though, this is not compulsory step, still it’s good to have the info about the new update.
  • Click on the “Install” option to install the selected updates.
It’s all over. You can now update your Windows 8 Apps manually by following this process. Ask your doubts in the comment section below.


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