HP TouchPad is Top Selling Tablet after Apple iPad

HP TouchPad, a $99 priced tablet computer, have been reported to be the second top-selling tablet PC in the US coming next to the Apple‘s iPad. Touchpad was reported to be available $149 months ago by BEST BUY but the tablet is now available for a giveaway price of $99 after HP decided to stop production of the product last August.

NPD Group, a market research company has just reported that during the ten first months in 2011, HP Touchpad recorded a 17 percent of the total 1.2 million non-Apple tablets that was sold in the United States right from January to October.

The HP Touchpad tablet also moved ahead of the Samsung Galaxy tablets in the market with a 16 percent market share. NPD reports that, Asus tablets however got a 10% market share, while the Motorola Xoom and Acer tablets were both tied with 9% market share.

High-selling Apple’s iPad alone sold more than 11.12 million of tablets during the last-quarter of the year.

In the meantime, HP, last August 18th, the company announced that it will stop the production of the HP TouchPad and will as well stop the development of the Palm web OS.

Even with the tablet getting out of the market, it still leaves an outstanding mark on ground for people to remember it of – it can be remembered of for being one of the top selling tablets that aren’t Apple’s products for this year. Isn’t that a great homemade for the HP touchpad?

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