HTC Desire HD Desktop Sync And Charge Cradle

If it happens that you have an HTC Desire HD phone, chances are that you won’t be looking away from some of the useful accessories that were available for the phone. In the market, there are several accessiries for the HTC Desire HD filed under different categories; Cases, Bluetooth speakers, Wired speakers, Bluetooth headsets, and more. Here I shall be sharing with you a desktop syncing and charging dock, known as the HTC Desire HD Desktop Sync and Charge Cradle.

HTC Desire HD Desktop Sync and Charge Cradle is an exciting accessory that is good for everyone to have in their HTC Desire HD phone. Gifted with a cradle with its built-in micro USB port that will nicely fits into your phone hasssle-free, a USB to micro USB cable (USB to MicroUSB cable), and a wall outlet adapter that  has the capacity of connecting to the to the full-size USB side of the cable. Until now that you are reading, I believe you should be able to know how it works even just by glancing through and checking its image.

The cradle can be used either for charing or to sync your HTC Desire HD phone to your computer. You can use it to charge your phone in two dimension, one is through the wall outlet adapter with the included cabel from the electric wall-outlet. While the second option is via cable connection with your computer to charge the phone.HTC Desire HD Sync and Charge Desktop Cradle techatlast

It is a plug and play process and it is cool. Immediately you are able to connect your phone to the PC, you will be able to sync, charge, mass storage and some others with ease and there is no concerns for incompatibilities.

Other Useful Features

  • Plastic looks make it interesting and it doesnt feel cheap
  • Shiny black plastic with high built quality
  •  Elongated sides of the cradle will make your phone to remina on the cradle no matter how you use and do things on it

However, there is one but in this cradle, and it is its size. You can’t use the cradle perfectly with your phone especially when you put it in a case to protect it – that means you willhave to remove the case before you can use the cradle. The cradle is mainly made for the phone and not for both phone and protector.

Talk less of that, the cradle is 100% awesome and unique and it will come handy for people who uses their phones as a night-clock standing on their table or beside their bed while charging it.

How to Buy the HTC Desire HD Desktop Sync and Charge Cradle

If you are interested in getting hold of the cradle, you can buy the HTC Desire HD Desktop Sync And Charge Cradle for just £14.95 from here.

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