HTC Flyer Back on Best Buy USA for $299

HTC Flyer is for sale at a reduced rate, $99 as a discount prize. Though, it a mistake for BestBuy USA to list the product on its platform for people to get it for that staggering amount ($99 at Best Buy USA in was in error).

Immediately customers started noticing the reduction in the price of the phone, cutting from $299 to $99, they starts buying the phone and the product got sold out, and that alone caused the site to make more sales yesterday.

In the meantime, Best Buy, on the other hand, had refused to comment much on the issue of its price mistakes on its both stores (online stores and the shops), claiming that they reserves the right to correct any changes and errors in their stores.

“we reserve the right to correct any pricing errors that we find in our stores”

However, HTC Flyer tablet is now back on the Best Buy USA website online for $299, which many believes is a $200 discount. Best Buy USA states that the phone is no longer sold out.

On Best Buy’s twitter page, it reads: “We apologise that the HTC Flyer was incorrectly priced on & in-store.”

What do you think about this phone and the error that occurred yesterday at BestBuy? Share your experience and information below.

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