Apple’s 27″ iMac supply drying up as Ivy Bridge upgrade awaits

With the latest news coming from a reliable source, it shows that the supply for the Apple’s big screen 27 inch iMac desktop pc is drying up with Ivy bridge update around the corner. It has been revealed that the supply for the iMac has dried up with third-party resellers beginning to see limited availability of the gadget in their stores; both offline and online stores.

As at today, Wednesday, AppleInsider has noticed that there are stock-outs for the 3.7 gigaherts 27 inch Apple iMac at Best Buy and J&R store, while few units remain available at popular shopping store, Amazon – the spot where it has been before advertised that there are more units on the way. In relation to that, MacMall has also sold out of the 27 inch iMac that has 2.7 gigahertz processor.

The scarcity of the iMac at Best Buy is particularly is significant because the retailer’s official website simply states that the popular computer that many tagged as “all-in-one computer” is not available in their online store and offline store with no sign of when the store will be restock with the gadget. In response to the scarce supply of the 2.7 gigahertz processor device, the newly launched MacBook Pro that has Retina Display is being advertised as “backordered for the device, with new orders expected to be ship out between 7-30 days from Best Buy.

This limited availability of iMac at Mac resellers’ stores is a great sign that Apple is reducing inventory ahead the update of the product. Since the update of the iMac was a year ago; the device is due for an update which we are certain that Apple is planning it along with the Ivy Bridge processor.

Apple iMac supply on the low as Ivy Bridge Update moving closer

However, we can say that the recent promotion that Apple recently conducted might be the reason for limited availability of the iMac in retailers stores. Last month, Apple kicked of this year annual back to school promo, offering users a $100 iTunes gift card on an order of the new Mac, which we think could explain limited availability of the 2.7 gigahertz iMac.

And just this week, we received a new report from Far East claiming that Apple’s is gearing up its supply chain to begin production of the much talked-about next generation iMac. However, the report states that the new gadget will not become available until October this year.

In the mean time, the new iMacs are expected to come featuring Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge processors. Last month saw MacBook Pro and MacBook Air upgraded to Ivy Bridge with a product refresh a month ago – iMac is expecting product refresh as well with Ivy Bridge update.

Till now, we can say whether the next generation iMacs will feature the Retina Displays which has developed to be Apple’s trademark for new products coming into its fold – it will be recalled that Apple’s new MacBook Pro has retina display. Earlier reports this year suggests that the new iMacs would in fact come with new high-resolution displays, but many doubts those reports including me because it could make cut for the Apple’s 2012 models 🙂

Other recent rumors from this year about the iMac claimed that the iMac 2012 refresh will spot the new anti-reflective glass displays – if true, that would be the first time in history that Apple will be offering anti-reflective solutions on its Macbook family of notebooks.

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