How Images Can Improve Your Social Authority In 2020

If you want to increase your brand’s exposure on the internet, social media is one way for you to go. However, catching the attention of your audience is one thing you need to know before promoting your product or service this 2017.

Speaking of attention-grabbing posts, it is one of the weaknesses that social media marketers should overcome nowadays. If you are thinking about using social media as a source of promoting your business, you might consider doing your homework or research before taking action.

Why Boosting Social Authority Means A Lot to Businesses of the 21st Century

Gaining Social Authority Using Images
Gaining Social Authority Using Images: It has been proven over and over again that the largest percentage of people hitting the BUY NOW button do so as a result of the graphical appeal of the web pages they are on. Images project the expectations of the customers and businesses in this era could take advantage of this.

If you share posts that are text-based, it is not going to be that engaging and eye-catchy to the viewers. However, adding an image would make a difference in your social media post.

Why should you add images to your social media posts?

According to Stonetemple, they’ve come up with a study of 4 million tweets that those posts with a picture has an increase in generating retweets and likes than those with no images at all. With these images, it increases the social authority of that Twitter profile. However, it does not mean that you should always put images in all of your social media posts. You can mix it with links, videos, GIFs to balance everything in your social media profile.

Furthermore, images could help you increase user engagement that leads to level up your social authority. Influence is very powerful, and it’s one of the reasons why entrepreneurs and social media marketers are successful in their campaigns.

Social media is one way that could attract your business leads. However, it is not that attractive if at least one image was not present within the post. Furthermore, there are some rules that you need to know about sharing posts with images. Make sure that the images should be relevant to the topic that you are posting. Not only that, the images should have the correct dimensions for better social media optimization.

Getting social authority could bring more targeted traffic to your brand’s website as long the images are relevant to your topic’s discussion. Images help increase page authority of a website. Just like in websites, the content is more readable, shareable and optimizes very well to gain better results and conversions.

How to Improve Social Authority of Your Brand with Images
You can use attractive images is very effective to improving the social authority any brand without breaking the bank.

What are the recommended image dimensions for posting on social media?

For each social media platform that you are in for your business, you need to follow the exact image size for better optimization. Without further ado, here are they:

Facebook – 1200 x 630px (470px minimum width)

Twitter – Any dimension will do as long it’s on a 2:1 ratio (506 x 253px is the minimum image dimension)

Instagram – For best quality in posting images, the image must be at least 1080px. For square dimensions, it must be at least 510 x 510px.

Pinterest – Any 2:3 image ratio and a minimum of 600px will do. For pins, 736 x 1000px is the optimal size.

LinkedIn – Before you post, make sure that they are of good quality and size. Sponsored updates have images with 800 x 400px, which is the optimal size.

Google+ – 426px is the minimum image dimension for sharing. The optimal size for uploading is 2048 x 2048px.

What are the free tools for designing your visual content?

Several clients worldwide are having problems in generating their visual content to make an eye-catchy post. They thought that the only way to do this is to spend money to buy photo editing software and programs like Adobe Photoshop. Without a doubt, this is the best photo editing software ever. If money is not an issue, you can buy a license for this software.

However, if you don’t have a budget to buy photo editing software or program, there are free tools you can use for visual content designing.  Without further ado, here are the free tools you can use to create beautiful and engaging designs without the need of a professional designer:


This is one of the most popular and best free platforms for designing your visual content. Several template sizes are social media-friendly, and it’s almost like the free version of Adobe Photoshop. You can even create professional infographics using their platform without the need of shelling out hundreds of dollars for outsourcing or buying Adobe Photoshop license.

Canva designs helps in creating a social authority online.


This alternative free tool alone can make simple social media-friendly images for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. I personally use this on many occasions to design quotes and some other things.

Pablo by Buffer App Team

Online Image Editor 

Another free alternative that you can use for creating and uploading images to Facebook and other platforms. It is a bit limited in features as compared to Canva but you sure get some value there too.

Online Video Editor

Moving forward

It is not that easy and simple for social media marketers to catch the attention of their audience with just text-based posts alone. If you want to gain influence for your brand, adding images to your post is the answer. It is why images can improve your brand’s social authority.

Or what do you think it? Let’s talk in the comment section below if you have addition or any feedback contrary to using images to boost brand’s social authority.

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