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Why You Should Implement Coupons in Marketing Your Blog Products

Working as a marketer has a whole lot of things to teach me as a blogger. There are things I have learnt over the past years in my experience as a marketer in this world of marketing and have also help make my blog grow for the better. Among these many things is giving my buyers discounts using coupons to attract them. Many buyers are too used to the word ‘discounts’ here and there and so when you have a real time offer for them, they are terrified because it doesn’t look real.

You can use the concept of giving out coupons to fetch more customers to your product. Many buyers are really hungry to spend their money but they need to be given the right direction to a particular product before they can bring out their money in exchange for it.

Giving out coupons with the promise of almost 40 percent discounts off on a product offer that may come to an end soon may be the easiest way to drive great sales to your products as a blogger.

How to sell more products with discount

how to get discount on all technology products easily

Buyers Love to have Discounts on Valuables (Product or Services)

The truth that many business entrepreneurs have failed to learn is that discounts can work wonders in making your products sell more. Fortunately, many online entrepreneurs have quickly realized this and have harnessed its power to promote their products and services online.

Notwithstanding the fact that many online entrepreneurs and bloggers have used the concept of offering discounts on products, you can still get the best out of it. Since we are now used to seeing the word ‘20% discount’ on every new product that lands on our emails, how do we segregate our products from the clichés?

Being creative is the only answer I see to this. “Get a free coupon worth 50% off on our new product” and “buy this product and get 50% discount” which do you think converts most? I think the first does. Get wise, be creative and make more sales.

Track Coupons and User Timing

One great advantage you get from using coupon discounts as a blogger is that you stand the chance to study your buyers and how, when and why they decide to buy your product. You can easily track the use of your coupons. Many buyers do not have the incentive to use coupons and so when they are offered free coupons they are not likely to redeem it.

In such situations you can easily know the buyers that are likely to use your coupons and which of your products are the coupons used on. It can also help in timing. You can know when your customers come to redeem their discounts and channel your new products to be released at the same time.

Keep your Customers Returning with great products offers

One of the other wonders coupons can work is keep your customers to you. When a customer comes to by a product from your blog, you are not certain whether that customer is going to return to you again to buy more products in the future but coupons can help you decide that!

A customer that has bought a product from your blog can be compelled to return to buy another product on the promise that they would be given discounts on any product they buy provided they tender the coupon you are giving them.

This can also make your by-customers to become religious readers of your blog.

What are other marketing techniques that you have implemented in the past few months that are still working even till now aside using freebies? Please share them with us.

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