How to Import Apple Mail To Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003

Import apple mail to outlook

In the following section, we are aiming to discuss the Apple Mail and also the Outlook application. Due to the multiple queries encountered relating to the Import Apple Mail to Outlook. Few of such queries are:

“I was using Macintosh previously, Just shifted to Windows. I need to access all my user account information on the Windows Outlook application. Is there a manual technique available?”

Here’s the second one:

“I was using Macintosh OS and the Apple Mail application on It. Due to Transfer in Job, I recently started using Windows 10 OS. So, There is any method by which I can transfer all my email accounts info from Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 Application”

The Apple Mail

Apple mail is one of the foremost common email clients on Macintosh operating systems. It comes in conjunction with all the essential options to manage a user account and uses the MBOX file format. These files contain all the e-mail messages and mailbox items that include tasks, calendars, journals, appointments as well as attachments.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is AN Email client application that’s developed by the Microsoft Corporation. It’s one of the foremost well-liked email clients on the Windows OS. The Outlook application is additionally considered as one of the foremost easy and simple to use email client application.


To get started with the method to Export Apple Mail to Outlook PST. It’s needed for the user to install four email clients i.e. Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and Eudora. When installing these mail clients, the subsequent mentioned four procedures should be followed. Also, These steps are needed to be followed very carefully, As any mistake might result in information loss.

Step 1: Open Apple mail and go to File >> Import Mailboxes
Step 2: Choose MBOX file where you wish to import data, choose file in MBOX format, and click on Continue
Step 3: Browse the location where you have saved the MBOX file and click on opt for then click on Continue
Step 4: Click ‘Done’ once method is completed

In order to complete the import method, you need Eudora, as there’s no direct feature offered to import apple mail to Outlook.

Step 1: Download and Run Eudora
Step 2: First of all, rename file extension of Inbox file form “xyz” to “xyz.mbx”
Step 3: Now move xyz.mbx file name to a directory within which Eudora stores its files (C: Documents and Settings Application Data \ Qualcomm \ Eudora)
Step 4: Open Eudora and double click on xyz.mbx to make the file and shut Eudora
Step 5: Now Import mailbox using Outlook express
Step 6: Import mailbox from Outlook Express to MS Outlook


1. To initiate manual technique, you have to be experienced like an administrator.
2. Manual technique doesn’t give assurance for 100 safe migration


It is quite evident from the above mentioned Manual procedure that it’s quite long. It needs the installation of the many email clients on the user’s Computing system. This can be terribly confusing and cumbersome to handle from time to time. So it’s better to the users to switch to a 3rd party solution i.e. SysTools Mac MBOX to Outlook Converter that may be employed in order to migrate the information in Apple Mail to Outlook Application.


In this informative Post, we discussed about the Apple Mail and the Microsoft Outlook Application and their migration methods based on User queries. Also, we outlined the manual solution to migrate from the Apple Mail to Outlook application used on windows. Then, we additionally outlined an automatic solution to convert the MBOX files.





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