5 Keys to Improve the Checkout Experience in Your Mobile App for Profits

Ask any shopaholic these days and they will tell you how much they are in love with mobile shopping. And why wouldn’t they? It gives them the comfort and convenience to browse the new collection in the stores they love and buy the product just with a few taps on the screen, and all of these can happen even when they are on the move. So, needless to say, shoppers are rapidly moving from their desktops to Smartphone for shopping these days. Considering this phenomenon, the online retail stores are coming up with their updated apps to provide their buyers easier and hassle free shopping experience.

However, when these retailers are designing their apps to attract attention from their buyers, they are often ignoring one fundamental factor that can affect their sale. I am talking about the checkout experience here. Yes, if this step is not smooth, as a consequence, the buyer will leave the cart immediately. As a result, you will lose a sure chance of a sale. So, how to stop this from happening? Well, the only way out of this is designing a smoother checkout experience that the customer will find to be hassle free. How to achieve that? Take a look at the following points to know more.

How to Professionally Improve Checkout Experience of your Mobile App

NORDSTROM - Improve Checkout Experience in Your App
There’s need for urgency in closing the sale. Your inability to take the customer from the product page to the checkout page means you haven’t done your home work pretty well. Nothing else should stand in the way of your customer’s attention than the checkout button. Customer’s inability to migrate to this stage means you’ve just lost a sale.

A Great First Impression

This should be the basic step that an m-commerce site should follow. Obviously, if the shopper is not really pleased with what he first sees on his screen the moment he taps on your app icon, you have lesser chance of getting a sale. Make sure that the home page gives a great impression to your customers so that they prefer to stay with you till the purchase is done.

Remove Distraction

When shoppers are visiting your app they are driven by a purpose. Now, a mobile phone is already full of distractions like emails, messages, social media notifications, calls and so on. Amidst all of these, when the shopper is trying to make the purchase, pop up, ads or additional information will only add up to the clutter. And if the checkout page is so much cluttered, there are high chances that the irritation will get the better of your customer and he will eventually leave the cart. So, make the checkout page clutter free.

NORDSTROM - Keys to Improve the Checkout Experience in Your App
There are many tweaks you can implement to your mobile app for it to deliver high valued sales e.g. reducing as many clusters as possible and eradicating distractions would improve the customer experience and hence, improve the checkout experience. We offer you key ways to improve your mobile app checkout experience without breaking the bank or spending above the company’s budget limit.

Guaranteed Security

It is obvious that when the buyer is making the payment, he will look for a secure gateway. But if you are failing to provide that security for the information he is submitting, you will fail to gain credibility. So, it is necessary that you integrate security badges in the checkout page so that the customers can be assured that their information is safe.

Design Strategically

While designing your retail app, you need to think of the design functionality too. You have to make sure that the design fits ergonomically in the hands of the users. Your goal is to design a layout that will make the user feel comfortable. According to recent researches, the pattern of user interaction with the screen can be divided into three parts, one handed (49%), cradled (39%), and two handed (15%). As most of the users will hold the phone in one hand, your design should reflect that you have thought of them. Information and the buttons should be placed in the app conveniently so that the user finds it easy to touch and tap.

Seamless Navigation

A seamless easy navigation will ensure that the user will be able to reach the checkout without any bump or issue. And it can also be a contributory factor for retaining your customers. So, when you are thinking of making the check out easier for them, make sure your app design can be navigated seamlessly. Shopaholics around the world are falling in love with mobile shopping lately – it is becoming a growing trend! As a businessman aiming to grow big in sales, you need to devise strategies to professionally improve checkout experience on your app, and the points above should help you do just that.

So, now as you know about these five ways to better your checkout page in the app, what are you waiting for? Hire a professional in calgary for app design and forget all your worries.

Tim is a famous blogger and has immense experience of app design. Here, he talks about making check out process smoother in the app.

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