How to Improve Your Blog Search Ranking in Bing

Bing is one of the top search engine that powered by Microsoft. Most webmasters have never bothered to do any SEO for Microsoft search engines, but they should rethink with the advent of Bing. Now i will explain that “How to improve your blog search ranking in Bing”

bing webmaster indexing tips

How to Join In Bing?

Bing is already started the bing’s webmaster centre for solve this problem. Go to the Bing webmaster center then click the button for “Add a site” and enter your URL and then verify your site – I chose to do this by adding a Meta tag to the head section of my blog template. Then click on the site you have added, and if the authentication is successful you should be taken to a summary page. It should tell you when your site was last crawled by Bing, backlinks, and there is a keyword tool so you can check where your site ranks within Bing for various keywords.

Read Bing SEO Explanation

Microsoft has also released a 24-page paper on how their search engine works and related SEO implications. You should download and read the document if you are truly interested in improving how your blog rank on bing.

How to rank in Bing

Bing’s FAQs state that you should do the following on-site SEO to rank well in their search engine:

Target no more than two keywords per page

  • Use unique <title> tags on each page
  • Use unique <meta> description tags on each page
  • Use H1 tags
  • Use text navigation links
  • Create content for your human visitors, not the Bing web crawler
  • Incorporate keywords into URL strings

Some of other Interesting  Points

  • Blog spot Blogs Are Always Poor In Bing Search Results
  • Squidoo Lenses Are Work Well  For Good Rankings
  • Hub pages Hubs Also Good For Bing Search Ranking
  • Quality Back links Are Always Killer Way For Killer Search Rankings

Some Other Points Important By Wikipedia:

Domain Age

This is one I hate to put here because you can’t influence it, outside of buying an older domain.  This is extremely very important especially when you’re optimizing your website for the purpose of ranking higher in bing directory.

Keyword in the Domain

You should not worry much on this but it is very important in case you’re just starting out.

Good Content

Specifically you want to shoot for having 300+ words on the page.  However, the more frequent the content on your site is, the better it would be for your site to rank higher and get good indexed and backlinks.  Finally, the content should be keyword optimized but not over done.  Google might let you get away with some good old keyword density spamming, but Bing will not.

Bing Webmaster Tools 

Similar to Google, Bing has their own webmaster tools.  Setting up and verifying your Bing Webmaster Tools account by submitting your XML sitemap directly to Bing can improve your blog rankings.  It will also gives you insight into how to improve your site and make it more Bing friendly.

On-Site SEO/Internal Linking Structures

Bing tends to like pages that have all the proper on page SEO elements. This includes things like meta tags, heading tags, etc… Google pays less attention to things like the H1 tag, while Bing still sees these factors as being important.  You will see tons of sites ranking in Google with awful on-site SEO.  This won’t happen with Bing as it tends to favor “holistic SEO” as opposed to external links only.  Having a solid internal-linking structure with site maps and breadcrumbs can get you a long way in Bing.

Clean URL Structures

Clean URLs are a big time influencer in Bing.  Google will tend to rank sites with parameter strings, internal tracking codes, etc… in the URL as long as it has links pointing to it.  Bing likes and rewards clean URL Structures than how Google does its own.  No appropriate code rich URLs will have a hard time ranking in Bing.

Clean Code 

Bing favors clean code.  Make sure your code can be verified.  In Addition it helps to make your Code as concise as possible.  It means that compressing HTML via an accepted technique, by using an external CSS sheet, etc…Not only will having clean code will help your Bing rankings, but it will inherently reduce your page speed load time and help you in Google Caffeine as well.

Information Source:Wiki Pedia

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