How Improve Your Web Browsing Experience

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Browsing the internet on a slow computer system can results in slow internet access. Maintaining a good web browsing experience has a lot of challenges especially if you’re in a location that doesn’t support state-of-the-art technologies. Remote areas are mostly prone to slow speed internet connectivity because of little or no access to advanced technological gadgets that could be used in streamlining the expansion of the service to the area.

In this short article, we shall be looking at several steps to take to manage your existing slow speed internet by showing you how to increase your computer speed when using it to browse the internet.

Proven Steps to Improving Your Web Browsing Experience

Change Windows Usage to Increase Speed

Go to start, click run and then, choose gpedit.msc and ok. Then change the option to 0%. Then ok and exit and restart your computer.

Use updated browser

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