Wieldy Ways to Improve your Google Page Rank

How to Increase Google Page Rank…without faking it!

It’s very common that all webmasters want their websites get high page rank in Google. Getting high page rank for any website has great significance in online business.

So what is page rank actually?

It’s a numeric value that Google gives all websites in World Wide Web.

Once Googlebot crawls on your website the search engine algorithm determines the importance of your website and based upon that it gives a numeric value out of 10. It’s always better to have a page rank 5 than 3 and similarly 7 than 5.google page rank update

It means that as much as high the numeric value you get for your website it’s good for you to stay ahead in highly competitive online business industry. High page rank (PR) mainly depends upon the number of quality backlinks a website gets from other websites. This is the main concept that one should follow to improve PR value in Google. But besides that there are also few ideas that can help to improve your websites’ page rank as well:

Quality content

Your website should provide quality and unique content to visitors. Remember it should not be copied from any sources; otherwise Big G will simply avoid indexing your website in its huge database! Try to provide useful information that people can share using social bookmarking and networking websites.

Submit your website in useful places

It’s your one of the important steps of off page optimization process. Useful places can be various sources like good and resourceful web directories, open directory project (ODP) like Dmoz, quality niche directories etc. Apart from directories it’s very important to achieve backlinks for your website from niche areas that provide similar information and idea like you. Google greatly consider this issue. Suppose a website that keeps information on English literature and if that website can provide a link to another website having similar concept then such linking could be considered fantastic by Google. But here try to stay away from reciprocal linking as Google consider this as mutual understanding between two websites for getting benefits by search engines. For that case you might not get the reward. So better try to get one way or three way links. Quality articles, press release or links from quality blogs can also be helpful for your website to achieve high PR.

Getting back links from authority websites

Great idea! Isn’t it? 

This job is not so easy to perform. You have to work hard and maintain a constructive link building strategy for that. Use ethical ways only, no black hat! Your content should not seem any spammy look. Once you get some links from authority websites your chances to get high page rank would be higher.

Link baiting

Providing high quality and informative content can help you to get quality links from other sources. As many reference your website gets you know your chances to achieve high page rank would be high.

Avoid linking irrelevant websites

Google does not like a movie website link any sports website or vice-versa. Links should be provided to similar type of websites.

Try to get links from high PR websites

This is also very important. If you can convince a webmaster having a high PR website with similar concept that your website has, then you just did an excellent job! But of course the process is tough and can take time to complete.

You should try to list websites having high page rank and having similar concept with your website. Then you need to contact the respective websites’ webmasters and tell them why referring your website could be advantageous for both of your online business. Of course initially they can hesitate to provide a link to your website and may ask you to provide them link from your other websites or sometimes they can even ask you to write a quality review for their website. You can think about it also.

What are the other strategies you are using to increase your website page rank?

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