12 Innovative Approaches In Improving WordPress Only A Handful Of People Know

Since its first release date, WordPress never backed down regarding its constant improvements and incredible features. Each year WordPress employs clear strategies, brings in new attributes to make the life of a WordPress user easy.

To make you and your WordPress page prepared in the coming days, we have compiled few innovative approaches to improving wordpress, rather secrets of WordPress only a handful of people aware.

12 Amazing and Innovative Tweaks for Improving WordPress Website

Tweaks on Improving WordPress Site Performance
To make your WordPress web pages stand out, here are innovative approaches to improving wordpress site performance that only a handful of people are aware of.

1. WordPress Security

WordPress Security is often overlooked due to the fact that it is referred to as ‘Hardening’. Though the core installation of WordPress is easy and secure, the add-in features, themes, custom codes which you download are more likely to be hacked. Even adding more users to the installation increases the prominence of security. Hence, one must know technicalities and approaches in securing site’s backend to ensure even the slightest information is safe and not prone to any danger. We here talk about everything that improves speed and vulnerability management of a WordPress.

2. Bespoke Elements for Designing

Many organizations are moving towards bespoke elements of designing which make illustrations friendly and adaptable. It brings in features of customized photography and design, making designers build their own illustration.

3. Image Optimization

If you are the one who strongly relies on heavy images to make your site compelling, then you should opt for Image Optimization. These tools compress and optimize your image, making it lighter and easier to load.

4. Install a Scanner

A security scanner checks for malicious attacks in plugins, themes, files and ensure zero tampering is executed. There are quite a handful plugins in the WordPress repository that helps in improving WordPress operation that you can download for this purpose.

5. Install MultiPurpose Themes

Multipurpose themes are well known among its users for offering benefits of the creation of a site with the limited resources available. These themes are exceptionally customizable and flexible. An economical site owner can experience the immense benefits with this kind of themes.

6. Keep Track of Dashboard Activity

Having a track of what’s going on within your dashboard can be a great advantage. It allows you to trace the user’s steps. It improves the access towards each action within the dashboard. The constant WordPress logs organize all the data handled by the site. Certain free plugins keep a track of everything that happens on the site backend.

7. Limit Logins and User Access

“Brute Force” attackers are in rage now. Their primary target is to crack your password with infinite logins. However, you can prevent it by installing plugins that limit the number of logins from a specific IP over a given period of time. This restricts the unlimited user logins over a period of time.

Also, be careful while giving permissions to user’s tasks. Empowering them with all administrative powers just adds to more troubles.

8. Login LockDown

Relocating or renaming your login page with something different from this: www.techatlast.com/wp-admin or www.techatlast.com/wp-login.php can definitely ensure high security giving a tough time for hackers. Meanwhile, I have seen an instances of different variations of implementing this such as using the website name with some other generic details to confuse the perpetrators.

9. Maintain WordPress Up-to-Date:

Sounds Simple Isn’t it! But Indeed, it has a greater impact than you imagine. Something this simple might change the way you work with your WordPress. Whenever you come through a “WordPress Update Available” Banner, don’t think twice and update the version to the latest. If you are worried about breaking out, make a backup before installation.

Updating themes and plugins from the reputed sources is as important as you update WordPress. If not, improper security causes plugins and themes to act as an open door to your personal information. At the same time, deactivate and delete the unused plugins and themes. Fewer plugins ensure better site security, better speed, and better performance.

Regular updating overcomes the security flaws related to the previous version. You should stay informed of when the new updates are released and try to upgrade your content management system in due course.

10. Mobile Themes

Another creative approach to improving wordpress web development is investing in mobile themes instead of depending on the default concept. More mobile WordPress themes are brought into effect as cell phone gadgets are experiencing a whooping 51% internet users. Hence web designers are now beginning with mobile responsive web page design, the one solution for all client groups.

11. Pick up the Best Hosting

A great selection of Hosting Providers reduces the vulnerability. A managed WordPress Hosting Service Provider is specifically designed for running WordPress inside and out. It includes all the best features in the market, thereby ensuring better performance and better usability of the site.

12. Set up Two-Step Authentication:

The Two-Step Authentication approach involves authorization code along with a password. This authorization code is sent to your mobile via SMS. Several plugins handle this feature. Clef is one of such application that let user take advantage of 2-Factor authentication inside WordPress platform. Unfortunately, the team are shutting down the plugin this coming month. But you can find some other two step authentication plugins to improve your wordpress.

13. Strong username and Password:

Many installs the WordPress with the username ‘admin’. If you have done the same, it is high time to change it. You can alter it by inserting an SQL query in PHPMyAdmin.

Similarly, change the password to something which includes numbers, letters, and special characters. If you are unable to generate one, the password generators always come in handy.

Final Words…

These are some of the practices that make WordPress experience a boon. Some you might have already known and some you might find new. Focusing on the most relevant features ensures better user accessibility to your site. Then why late? Become a WordPress Pro by employing the above strategies. Improving wordpress site performance is a continual process, you just have to continue innovating and learning about maximizing wordpress features. Its potentials are huge!



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