How To Increase Your Computer RAM Speed

If your computer system is running too slow it may be because you opened too many application at a time or because of too many page files that has been created on your computer in case you’re using a Window XP operating system. This page files are created automatically and they consumed most of your computer ram (speed) but the only thing you can do them is to eliminated by cleaning the all these files from your computer memory so as to have a free space. To increase your RAM speed, follow the steps below and within 5 minutes you will be able to put what you’ve learned in this post into practice.

On your computer screen, click on Start menu and go to Control Panel as in the picture below,

Then go to Administrative tools

After that go to,

and after picking local security policies, then go to the next picture below.

Then this next diagram,

Hope this posts helps you in one way or the other? Remember to share this post with your friends and relatives and let us kicked out all errors on computer one time. Read my blog post on how to increase your computer performance to learn more about how to protect your computer and increase the efficiency of your computer.


  1. Hi Olawale,
    i want to use your tips to increase my computer ram speed.

    Thanks for sharing this informative post.

    Sanjan Bikram

  2. That surely is an effective way to increase your computer ram speed. However, RAM chips are getting cheaper these days, so my opinion is…why not just purchase additional RAM around rather than going through those technical stuff. Just my opinion.

  3. It does sound better to skip the technical stuff but its always better to learn how to fix things. I’m not a techie but the instructions given in the post doesn’t look difficult . This is something I want to try to fix the speed of my PC which gets slow at times.

  4. Adding RAM WILL speed up your computer. However, you may want to increase your virtual memory. Go to control panel, system properties. Click advanced then performance settings and then click advanced again. You can adjust your virtual memory here.


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