How To Increase your PC Performance

Increase PC Performance

If your computer is not well protected with good antivirus software, there is likely going to be an error on your computer operating system. Using internet protection software will have little to do when it comes to having your computer files risked, but there are other things which you can still do to control such and today in this post, we shall be talking more on this and some other things.

Whenever your computer is working below the rate at which it supposed to work or it is not fast, or anyway you notice that your computer is infected with virus, these below is the suggested steps you should take to eradicate such.

Delete Temp File

Delete all Temp files from your computer so that you can free up spaces for other application to use the space for good data processing. Temp means in computer language “temporary file”, this folder is where all junks on your computer systems are stored (the file you downloaded from the internet on your desktop has a copy in temp folder inside your computer unknown to you), so to now delete this type of file, take this simple steps:

Open your “Start” and select “Run” and then write Temp” in the box provided like in the picture below,

When the page loads up, just drag your mouse over all the programs in the folder or use the keyboard shortcuts CTRL+A to select all the documents and folder inside the temp location and press Shift+Delete on your computer keyboard to send all the files to recycle bin.

Delete Recent Folder

Follow the steps above and click on “Run” and type Recent in the box and then click on enter key. Press CTRL+A to select all the document and applications and then press Shift+Delete to delete it from your computer memory so that it will not go to your recycle bin but instead it will be deleted completely.

Also, go to start and pick “Run” and then type into the box %Temp% and press the enter key on your computer keyboard. After that press CTRL+A again and press Shift+Delete to delete it from your computer memory so as to increase your computer memory.

With this article, you should be able to speed up your computer speed by deleting all temporary files and folder for system optimum performance. If you want to know if this steps really work after you have finished all these tasks, then go to start menu again and select “Run” and then type into the box Treethen click on enter again and you will see all the changes in your computer performance in the analysis that this option will show you.

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