How to Increase Website Page Rank by Tricking Google

Increase Website Page Rank Easy Way

The internet is big, really big! If you want to use the internet effectively, you have to be familiar with search engines for better results of your online activities. have since the time it was started some years back becomes the best and perfect search engine choice for millions of internet users worldwide.  There are no other search engines that surpasses Google as at this time and the ones that will have to send google back to the end of the queue are yet to be established. That alone gives the company more time and authority to go ahead in offering the best.

In this article are very little working tricks to help you get your website rank well on Google by tricking Google itself. Google have some things that you can’t touch without getting rewarded for it and that’s why this article will be showing you the list of some of the top things Google will reward you for as a blogger. One of the reason Google is the best is that it keeps developing new ways oflooking at the internet.  I have below some of the additional features that Google offers to their users which you might think of checking out to help you get better pagerank for your website.

Make use of the websites that I have listed below and start linking to the sites occasionally without getting tired of doing it and you will be astonished at the rate your PR will jump in couple of months or weeks to come. Though, that will depend on the next page rank update. If you keep on using some of google services with continuous references to the website every time, Google will reward your website for that.

Google News  – If you are in need of a current news, event, this is the best place to go for best result.

Google Finance – Especially this time of the season when economic challenges is everywhere, it is good to stay up to date with how we spend and earn our cash. This is the best place for getting tips on the latest stocks, investment tips and tricks and some other things like checking of stocks prices in order to trade in them  etc.

Google Images – It is arguably the number one best image search engine presently in the world.  There is nothing you can’t find on this website.

Google Products – Google products gives you more power to be in the driving position of how you spend your money. You want to buy the latest product in the market, then use Google product to compare prices and to know the right shops and some other things like product searches.

Google Scholar – Google Scholar is the next project Google team is working on presently. It is for creating a more efficient way to search scholarly papers. Schooling now becomes easier and hassle-free.

Google Books – You love to read, right? Then, no stress. You can now garner more knowledge with some literatures online without hassle. Get the books you want and read it. Even, you can also buy some books that aren’t free with your google wallet account.

Google Maps – Navigating from one location to another with a glance will make things a bit easier for you than doing it manually. Google Maps provide you with ease access to the latest information about how a place looks, the road terrain and some other things that can help you get the best result on your searches. Recently, Google launches 3D map preview which even makes the features interesting.

Google Video – Like I said earlier on, there’s not anything under the earth that pertains to the internet, you won’t find on Google’s services list. Google also have its own video search engine. With direct links to some of these websites on your blog continuously every month and weeks. You are very sure of getting good search authority than any other websites that involves all form of link building strategies.

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