In Pics: India’s first ‘Milk ATM’ machine Unveilled by Amul

Wonders they say shall never end; same applies to India, a country with gifted human resources, trailing China in world economic growth ranking, has recorded another great feat in innovation and technology development with her first-ever ATM milk vending machine. You wouldn’t believe this could be that easier until it was unveiled by Amul (meaning Anand Milk Federation Union Limited), an Indian-based diary co-operative society with base in the state of Gujarat in India.

India’s first Milk ATM launched by Amul

The newly unveiled ATM-style milk vending machine let user experience the real-feeling of diary milk directly from the machine tap. While fielding reporters, Rahul Kumar who happens to be Amul Dairy’s managing director said this innovative product is one of its kind all over the country.

‘The milk pouches are kept in the automatic dispensing machine which also keep milk pouches chilled under 4°,’ Kumar says.

There are cross-section of consumers at the Amul Dairy gate in Gujarat taking advantage of the newly installed device, paying directly into the ATM before being served the milk.

While speaking, Amul affirms that the motive behind the initiative is to help street vendors, daily workers etc. who always return late from their respective working place at night, or over night to have a convenience milking session. 🙂

“Since the machine is working around the clock, they’d surely be able to get milk whenever they come around at their own convenience,” says Rahul.

How does it work?

I first thought this is a form of charitable project that attracts nothing afterwards; sharing free milk through a newly designed automatic milk dispensing machine all for no fee, but I was wrong!

The machine has been designed in such a way that it senses only ten rupees (Rs 10 currency note) before it can dispense one pouch of milk from its opening at the bottom.

What does the future promises?

According to Rahul, “Amul will wait for people’s feedback, and if all goes well as planned, we’ll roll out features for rural markets in Gujarat, and other areas so that people can enjoy the service.”

Employment Opportunities for Job seekers

Amul claimed they’ve employed services of able individuals to take care of some specific areas of service delivery such as provision of Rupees note to consumers at the spot.

With more than 200 people feeding them back positively, this project could be classified as success at this stage with more than 200 pouches dispenses record over a night.

I’m not surprised with this new development, but it’s worth mentioning, that’s why I have to put something up for you guys.

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