A Definitive Guide to Promoting Your Graphic Design Business on Instagram

Ever since its beginning, Instagram has proved to be one of the most powerful marketing tools for large brands and small businesses who are looking to expand their exposure and presence of their offerings online. For graphic designers, Instagram can benefit a lot to their work and projects, ensuring to find clients and reach out to the audiences and boast of their achievements. With the continuous rise in the popularity of Instagram, it is crucial for you to carry forward your graphic design bandwagon to the platform and highlight your works in front of the massive audience present on the channel. To make things easier for you, here is an advertising guide to Instagram outlined specifically for graphic designers:

Graphic Designer’s Guide to Instagram Advertising

A Definitive Guide to Promoting Your Graphic Design Business on Instagram
Ever wanted to increase your brand reputation and increase exposure as a graphic design brand? We have covered a definitive guide on how graphic designers can increase influence using Instagram.

Marketing on Instagram

Advertising on Instagram is impressive if you have switched your personal account to the business profile. Even though it is true that Instagram took its time to allow advertising to all types of businesses, the platform is currently the ideal source of marketing design services. According to wordstream.com, Instagram’s aim is to create any ads that people will see and find it as natural to the Instagram videos and images that they enjoy from their favorite brands. As a matter of fact, the present advertising scenario on the platform looks intriguingly native to the platform and is performing great on the visual-only channel.

On a different note, graphic designers who want to promote their services on social media can now have four kinds of Instagram advertising options:

  • Stories ads: Meticulously forming Instagram’s version of Snapchat advertisements, these ads can be easily seen at the top of the news feed.
  • Photo ads: This deals with the standard post format on Instagram.
  • Video ads: Just like photo ads, this one is the normal post format just utilizing a video for the visual.
  • Carousel ads: This one helps in creating slideshow ads of your work where you can publish multiple images combined into one single post.

Reasons to Invest in Instagram Ads

As per Instagram, a recent finding states that around sixty percent of the audience says they identify new products on the platform, out of which 75% of the users take action after being encouraged by the post. If you are looking to reach out your graphic design works and services to a wide range of people, you can put some efforts and money behind your content to attain more exposure and following for your account along with generating a control over the outreach of your posts. For further assistance, you can connect with reliable sources such as Gramblast to understand how to implement your Instagram advertising campaign.

Tactics to Ensure a Profound Marketing Campaign on Instagram

Needless to say, Instagram renders a long-term marketing value to brand marketing especially when it comes to something as lucrative as graphic designing. The process is crystal and clear – create an account and begin publishing enticing visuals of your work with engaging taglines and effective hashtags.  The motivation is to captivate and keeping your growing follower base engaged throughout the campaign. With the massive potential that Instagram offers for conversions and generating leads to connect with influencers and prospective clients, here are some of the Instagram marketing tips that every graphic designer must follow while advertising on the platform:

Instagram Marketing for Graphic Designers
Here’s a definitive guide for graphic designers for promoting their graphic design business using Instagram.

Growing a Community around Unique and Actionable Hashtag

One of the most interesting aspects of this strategy is that it can be utilized on other social media marketing channels such as Pinterest or Twitter; however, it works exceptionally well, yielding great results in terms of audience engagement with your graphic design works and services. Hashtags that are unique in nature can be the identification and face of your content marketing strategy on the platform, allowing people to recognize your account and utilize the hashtag while mentioning your work. Besides, it helps in giving birth to engaging and geo-targeted posts that make the hashtag optimization on Instagram highly successful to build your own user community.

Promote Your Instagram Profile Everywhere

Likewise your other social networking channels, you have to make the most out of your Instagram to see success in the marketing of your graphic design services particularly in terms of user engagement. For starters, you need to have social icons or buttons on your homepage or service pages that helps in connecting users to your social media channels. Make sure that you are adding an Instagram icon as well to inform the audience of your Instagram account. Besides, while setting up your profile on Instagram, ensure first connecting to Facebook in order to notify your followers and friends regarding your establishment on Instagram. Moreover, you should run Instagram campaigns all over other social media channels for generating a positive relationship with everyone that is connected to you and encourage them to use your graphic design services.

Humanize Your Content

Although you are a graphic designer who is looking for potential clients on the platform, it is important to publish content other than high-quality visuals with vivid graphic detailing. For instance, you can capture snaps in the office or of your working environment to provide followers with a sneak peek into your day to day operation. Get your partners and assistants involved as well while choosing a unique hashtag to describe it and having all the members to leverage the same hashtag while posting images from their account. This will help in creating a buzz regarding your profile and help you in gaining more user engagement.

Leveraging the Filters, Editing Tools and Special Effects

From a graphic designer’s point of view, you can do a lot on Instagram to amplify the visuals, monitor your performance while staying with the upgrades and discovering new clients while maintaining the existing ones. This involves learning all the new and old Instagram filters that will help in processing your visuals to achieve the most visually engaging result. Some of the most popular filters include Valencia, Low-Fi, and X-Pro II.

Concluding Thoughts

Advertising your graphic design business is now easy with Instagram. Invest in the Instagram ads and leverage all the tools supplied by the channel to make the most out of your marketing campaign on the platform. You could as well put in for a graphic design course to increase your chances of being in vogue.


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