Using strategy and measurement to break the barriers to internal communications [Infographic] 

Effective employee communication is an essential ingredients to growth. It essential to your employees, to your managers and to your shareholders. In a survey carried-out by the Hay Group, it revealed;

“that companies with highest level of engaged employees generate 50% more in returns for stakeholders and investors than their competitors.”

Effective communication in a business place and the financial performance go together; in fact, they are interwoven. Towers Watson recently conducted a research and it states that companies that are highly effective and efficient at communication are 1.7 times as likely to get more results than their peers.

However, if you ask an internal communicator for a list their biggest challenges are, I’m sure you will hear that getting a seat at the strategic decision making table and being able to measure up are high on that list. In 2014 we conducted a survey with Ragan Communications and found that only 4 out of 10 internal communication departments find it easy to get support from the those at the top and in 2016 when we asked this question again, we found that much hadn’t improved.

So, the question is, why does the internal communication sector still finding it difficult to be seen, and identified as a strategic player?

You can see from our newly published infographic picture entitled ‘Internal Communications Measurement and Strategy’ that 36% of expert internal communicators admit to having no particular strategy in place.

Surprisingly, 12% are still not measuring any of their communications! As a good communicator how can you know which elements of your communications strategy you can improve?

Study the Internal Communications Measurement and Strategy explanatory infographic below for tips on creating and reviewing your internal communications strategy and how to correctly measure employee engagement with your internal communications.

How can IC department in your organization effectively leverage strategy and measurement to break the barriers to internal communications as a growth-hacking funnel?

We strongly believe you’d be happy to know that your organization will experience a new turn after taking the necessary recommendations in this educational infograph into consideration and applying them effectively. And for this reason alone, we have tried to provide this new research, its now yours to make use of them to spark a change you seek in your establishment.

Bridging the Internal Communications Gaps with Measurement and Strategy in Your Organization.

How to Use Strategy and Measurement to break barriers to internal communication
Effective employee communication matters and here’s how to use strategy and measurement to break the barriers to internal communications in your organization. | TechAtLast

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