Invisible Browsing VPN (IBVPN): How to Browse The Web Anonymously

Recently the White House raised a notion to police the internet by setting up bill to fight privacy online; the PIPA and SOPA bill and now, ACTA bill. But, sooner than later those bills died prematurely because a large percentage of people don’t want to experience limitation accessing the web.

However, there are still places of the world where they are still expeirencing limitations using the web which mean, they might have little access to the web, emails and social media entirely. Even countries like Vietnam have ban people from using social media websites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. And the young ones in the country who cannot leave without using the social site, Facebook has to go through the backdoor using VPN service to surf anonymously.

invisible browsing VPN services

So, what are the ways to browse the internet under severe condition like this?

You just need a good anonymous VPN service that would help you browse the web from the backdoor without limitation. And now, I have a recommendation for you that can help you browse the web securely and anonymously without anyone or any system tracking your existence on the web.

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…..Announcing Invisible Browsing VPN service….

What are the challenges you are facing surfing the internet? Tell me, because IBVPN has lasting solutions to all of them! Are you worried about browsing through Hulu for your next video experience or you are not allowed to access video media sites like BBC, iPlayer, Zattoo, Pandora, Netflix?

Then worry no more because your case is settled with the Invisible Browsing VPN service that I have to share with you. The service will enable you to browse the internet and let you do some other things on the internet.

IbVPN servers are located in most countries of the world: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, New Zealand, France, China and many more.

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And you can easily subscribe for the VPN service with the integration of world’s most secured payment services like AlertPay, Avangate, Liberty Reserve, CashU, and 2Checkout payment. And another benefit of it is that it has partnered with 2CO to allow customers pay for the service with Auto-Recurring payment – that means you can activate the service to credit you every month.

Pricing, is it costlier or not?

Truth to God Almighty, this service is one of the cheapest I have ever seen online, though, I got mine free for a limited timeframe, but I can tell you it is very cheap.

Paying less than $5 for a VPN service per month is a good investment if you are experiencing too many challenges surfing the net at your convenience. So, I would advise you to buy the service right away for just $4.95 per month or pay for the whole year in advance.

Click here to Buy IbVPN package for just $4.95 right now (aff)

Also, the service has a feature that helps you switches unlimitedly, that mean, you can switch servers from one location to the other without hassle. And it doesn’t log your activities at all.

Other advantages of using this service is the inclusion of services like PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN to give you nice web experience.

Reasons to use VPN

VPN is a kind of facility that permits you to browse the internet unnoticeably and securely without having a trace of your activities recorded – nobody can track your online activities. It worked automatically with all the applications installed on your computer which shows that you are mostly secured all the time. And here is other information that could help you in deciding on using VPN:

  • Most VPN connections are secure and stable than using proxies
  • It can work with any program on your computer because it will help you configure your computer to work with the VPN servers by default.

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IbVPN Service Operating System Compatibility:

The Invisible Browsing VPN service is by default compatible with all of these operation systems:

  • Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or higher
  • Older version of Windows software such as 95, 98, Millennium, NT, 2000 to the current version, Windows 7
  • Apple Mac OS X 10.2 and later version
  • Mobile OS such as Android, Windows Smartphones, Apple iPads, iPhones
  • Linux Operating System
  • Microsoft Xbox 360/PS3
  • Any PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN compatible device and softwares
  • VPN client available for PPTP
  • DD-WRT supported routers and others.

These are the type of OS you can use this VPN service for without hassle.

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6 responses to “Invisible Browsing VPN (IBVPN): How to Browse The Web Anonymously”

  1. Manendra Avatar

    Nice article and i am looking for invisible browsing and this was really awesome explanation thanks for sharing nice information.

  2. Amrik Avatar

    Interesting to hear about IBVPN services out there. I’ve been pretty happy with Witopia’s VPN service so far- definitely more expensive, but they allow you to switch gateways all around the world, at no additional cost (well- then again I guess they’re already charging a pretty penny [respectively]). Their customer service has been really good and responsive too.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Yeah, But I have not used the one that you’ve just mentioned but I think IBVPN is the best as of now because they offer even something better than this 🙂

  3. High Speed Internet Avatar
    High Speed Internet

    Yes, thanks for this. VPN is really usable. I never thought VPN is that amazing.

  4. Stephen Avatar

    i want to use this ip

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      You can take advantage of the VPN service by following the link in the article. Please note, it is an affiliate link in case you click on it.

      However, you can try the service for good 6 hours before making your purchase if it meets your needs.

      Thanks for commenting Stephen.

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