The Invisible iPhone 5G preview [Video]

It is no more news that iPhone 5 will soon come to the market, but what really amaze me about this new gadget is that “it is going to change the world” once it is released because of its newly integrated features. We’ve already covered it here that the phone can display excellently and comes with nice 8MP camera with the support from Sony, the powerful tech giant company, good in anything digital. And the company is going to provide the lens module along with the 4G network support for the device.

iphone 5G previewThe iPhone 5?s preview video embedded below will show you everything about this wonderful mobile smartphone.

As well, you can check some of the other features of this great device below.

iPhone 5G Features:
  • Invisible – you will need to look well before you can see this phone due to its shinning body which is almost transparent in appearance
  • It has the ability of floating in mid-air
  • Either small or larger – as the time goes on
  • It comes with telepathy feature which will give you an advance texting experience
  • High resolution face-to-face picture
  • MSRP US$800

Arwe you going to buy such a phone like this when it finally comes out? Please share your comment below. Add your comment and let’s learn new things

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