How to Invite More Friends to Google Plus – Google+ Invitation

    According to Google  product manager, Mr. Shimrit Ben-Yair confirms that Google+ have started to allow users to invite more people to the platform months after the service was limits to a certain amount of people. The development happened immediately when Google updated the service by providing all users a temporary links that can be posted anywhere on the internet which can enable everybody to join Google plus via the link.

    Though, this new update have limits too but this time around, things looks somehow easy because you get power to invite about 150 people at once via your link without much hassle.

    My link looks just like the one in the picture above but you can short that link to look more presentable than the one in this picture.

    How to Invite Friends to Google Plus

    This is very easy, you need to click invite button on the right sidebar of your google plus home page and you will see a popup box just like the one above and then copy the links that is inside the box provided by google+ to you below the popup box and start sharing the links on other social media sites like facebook and twitter and you can also share the links on your blog and forums easily.


    1. I have been struggling to get invites for my Google Plus profile and was wondering to find a way. Thanks for the post as now i can do it easily and be rest assured then i can send many invites easily.

    2. I was not able to join Google Plus when it first opened its doors. Now will be a good opportunity for me. Thanks for the information. Really appreciate it. 🙂

    3. Hi Olawale Daniel Tayo ,

      Thanks for posting this nice info. even though i didnt think this… Thanks for sharing this article.. keep posted..

    4. Well, facebook has been on the top for the past years to be the most widely used networking site and I guess google+ has to prove its friendliness if it wants to compete with facebook.


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