iPad 3 or iPhone 5? – Which Ones Would become another Hit next year

As we all know that iPad 3 will soon be launched and the day has been rumored to be next yea, possibly February 24th and the iPhone 5 is also rumored to be released next year as well.

So, in this article is a comparison of iPhone 5 and iPad 3 device and there features and specs. Each has its own specifications and features and we’ve covered that in this post.

iPhone 5 or the iPad 3, which one will hit the market better and which will be most liked by the people? This question is not only what the Apple owner is thinking about now but we also engaged in it.

Now we can only compare between there Feature as it is not till now in market.

iPhone 5 vs. iPad 3 Features   

iPhone 5 features:

  • Nice Design: It comes with a sleeker body design with the OLED screen along with Scratch proof and shatter proof screen
  • Wireless sync with iTunes
  • iMessage – chat service that lets you chat instead of texting (works for all Apple devices)
  • 32G (basic) and 64G of memory. You’re sure to never run out
  • Extended battery life = 14 hours talk time on 3G and 7 hours on 4G. Standby 600 hours.#
  • Hi Definition audio
  • Messaging indicator light
  • iOS5
  • HTML5 but may allow Adobe Flash Player
  • Home Screen Customization
  • New Design
  • An updated stock Photo Gallery
  • A faster Dual-core processor
  • NFC Technology Integration
  • SIM-Less Phone – According to IBT (International Business Times), it was rumored that this IPhone 5 device will feature a new SIM-less design with around 2 to 3 internal antennas for CDMA and GSM compatibility, which will make it a “world phone”.
  • Physical Keyboard
  • Increased Ram (from 512MB to 1GB)
  • New Multi-tasking Look
  • HD Audio
  • Built in GPS

iPad 3 Features:

  • ipad 3 to be released next year february 24 by AppleRetina Display:- Apple says that it will come with a Retina Display as Apple engineers were able to pack four times the number of pixels into same 3.5-inch (diagonal) screen found on earlier iPhone models.
  • SD Card Slot:-  This device comes a SD memory card slot for storage.
  • Improved HDMI:- It also comes with an improved HDMI, so you have nothing to lose
  • Camera Flash:- It is expected to have a 5MP camera with 1080p or 720p video recording quality of 60 frames per second.
  • Thunderbolt:- Browse on your device with ease
  • A6 Processor:- A6 processor with the layering construction technology that can powerful help the processor performance.
  • iOS 5:- Now is the best time for you to have access to multi-tasking features on your device. Features such as task-finishing, app-switching, notifications, location and background sound
  • Cloud Computing:- Now you can share and host files on the cloud with your device to the iCloud technology
  • Fingerprint Proof:- The phone’s touchscreen will be coated with the oleo phobic materials, which will help reduce the oil and fingerprints on the device screen.

What I feel about the two phones?
Firstly there’s an upgraded 12.1mp camera on the new iPhone, however the iPad 3 has the li’l A7 chip built in, which makes running multiple applications, and surfing the internet blazing fast.

The iPhone 5 is a better deal at 3 easy payments of $39.95 on new 3 year activation, however the iPad 3 has that sweet “Protect all” case now included, which makes it virtually indestructible, even when swimming with it!!

Although, if I were you, I’d say go for the iPad 3. Now that Apple has integrated a phone into the unit, so that it is basically an iPhone, only huge, and not so pocket sized…I think the choice is clear.

So my friend what you feel with which you want to go you want iPad 3 or iphone 5 which one you vote for…come up with your comment and which Feature you support most?

My name is Vivek Mishra, the owner of TheTechFace, a site that shares with you various tips and tricks to help you as a techie. I wrote this post under the guidance of my mentor, Mr. Olawale Daniel, Sir, thank you for your support.

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