iPad 3: Everything We Think We Know

It is yet another year full of excitement for all Apple product users.  This is the time when we’re expecting the release of the iPad 3. Though, it is still iPad 3 rumours that clogging up our lives but, what should we be expecting with the next generation of iPads?

I have here quick guide to show you features and all expected capacity we’re expecting in the yet to be released, iPad 3.

By history, the iPad family is still in its second year of existence, but, the device family has really showed us that it is ready to continue to dominate the market for a very long time.

Recently, I covered an article here explaining the features of the iPad 3 and its screen size with some other features, which information is certain to come into a reality soonest as it appeared that Apple is working hard to bring rumoured features into the device. Check the iPad 3 features and let’s hear what you have to say in the comment section below.

iPad 3 Display to Feature Retina Display

iPad 3 was reported recently that it is going to feature the retina display technology, though, many found it uneasy to believe. But since Apple is very popular with retina display on most of its products, spotting iPad 3 with this capacity will not be a bad idea. If this really comes into a reality, that would bring an end to the rivalry between iPad and some other tablets in the market presently.


It’s extremely not likely that anything other than the superfast and new A6 chip will be embedded into iPad 3 to power it, just as Bloomberg and other Medias have reported. But the question, which was still left unanswered, is that maybe the A6 chip will bundle quad core power. Meanwhile, competitors such as, Transformer Prime has finally moved on to quad core chips, and the unbelievable gaming and HD movie processing heft such improvement entails.

However, both Bloomberg and BGR have reported that the A6 chip will certainly be quad core.

When it comes to RAM, seriously, we need to consider the fact that this tablet is said to be featuring a retina display, and that means; there has to be RAM upgrade for it to work perfectly in the iPad 3 device – that depends on the outcome of these claims.


iLounge has recently mention several sources saying that the iPad 3 will come with an HD front-facing camera for its HD Facetime. This would make it looks interesting, considering the fact that high-quality front-facing cameras have recently found their way into smartphones like the recently featured, Lumia 900. It is very popular among tablet users to use their device for video chat much more than using the phones itself.


BGR recently leaked debug screenshots of what it claimed was proof of both that fancy new A6 processor and global 4G LTE, and Japanese blog Macotakara reported similar network details around the same time. Bringing LTE to the iPad before the iPhone would make sense, because the iPad’s larger battery can handle the 4G drain. Then again, a 4G iPad would almost certainly portend a 4G iPhone this summer, and it’s not at all clear that Apple considers the network mature enough to hop on just yet.


The Apple iOS6 is still a long way off, but the iPad 3’s software permit a quick mention because it might be the initial non-iPhone 4S Apple creation to get Siri, as some details in that 9to5mac wrote about iOS51. Beta reference the iPad in Siri dictation.


This device would be out in the early time of March.


As per what we’ve seen, there won’t be too many changes to the design of this gadget to the current version but it will looks nice as well.

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