Top 5 iPad Apps for Money Management to Manage Your Spending

The Apple iPad range has become something of a phenomenon since its launch in 2010 as it managed to breathe fresh life into the tablet market and reinvent the way people view the web.

While you can use an iPad to surf and check out deals on credit cards at money supermarket or another such price comparison site there are some dedicated applications for managing your finances which are not based in the browser but are well worth a look.

5 Money-Saving iPad Apps to Manage How You Spend Money

Smart Shopping List Pro

Apple ipad Smart Shopping List A LA CARTEIt is the premium budgeting app of choice for anyone with an iPad who wants to keep tabs on the cost of their weekly shop and save money at the same time.

It allows you to set a budget, compile multiple lists and even synchronize them between multiple devices thanks to cloud storage.

You can also take advantage of great offers and deals at your favorite retailers thanks to integration with voucher codes and online coupons, which is a cool way to cut back on your spending without reducing the amount of items you actually buy.

Kayak Free

apple ipad KAYAK HDKayak Free, or the Pro version which ditches advertisements for the cost of a few pence, is an app intended to help you save money when you travel.

There are plenty of apps, which have similar functions, but this is consistently one of the most popular thanks to its slick interface and powerful database of offers and information.

You can compare the costs of flights, accommodation and car rental as well as keep up with particular flights when they are in the air and even work out the cost of additional charges like baggage fees.


apple ipad grouponThe group deal site, Groupon has made waves on the web and you can now have it on your iPad via a dedicated free application.

Your account will be kept up to date with the latest daily deals and you can see how much time left you have to take advantage of them.

Social networking integration will let you share offers with friends and the app even has the option to use your location to find money saving opportunities in your current area.

Compoundee HD

apple ipad compoundee HDThere are many calculating apps available for the iPad but Compoundee HD does its best to utilize the 9.7-inch display and let you know what you will be paying over the lifetime of a mortgage or other loan agreement.

You can adjust the app to show you how compound interest will build up over a day, week, month, quarter or whole year, as well as taking into account things like deposits for accurate analysis and comparison.


apple ipad iXpenseItFor the total money management package you should pick iXpenseIt, which benefits from a clean, comprehensive interface and a catalogue of tools to help you watch your finances.

As well as entering your household budget, business expenses and bills, the app will let you convert your figures and activities into easily digestible graphs and even copy them to PDFs to help you share data.

Like many other apps there is an advert-supported Lite version of iXpenseIt, but the small cost of the premium version is well worth it, particularly if you can use it to remind you to pay bills on time and avoid late fees.







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  1. Kitchen Cabinets Avatar
    Kitchen Cabinets

    Customers all over the world say that Money app is the best. With Money you can arrange all the personal finances in such a way that Budgeting, Tracking accounts and input of Transactions are all easy and connected. There is no other iPhone or iPad application for personal finances that you can use this way.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Yes you are right but there are some new ones in the making that would soon come to compete with these very soon.

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