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iPad loosing tablet market share to Android Tablets

Android based tablets gaining huge market share at the expense of the Apple iPad.

android tablets gaining market share over iPad
android tablets gaining market share over iPad

This report didn’t came as a surprise to me seeing android based tablets gaining more of the tablet market share at the expense of the much anticipated Apple iPad!

Why did I said that, you asked that right?

The answer is very simple, Apple products are on the decline, not like as they were before when that the company usually tops in most categories.

Things have changed and people’s attention have as well changed, but now, Android claims the market share!

Apple as we all know have happened to be the leader in the tablets and touch screen industry for a very long time, particularly when Steve Jobs was in the driving seat of the company. But with the advent of Google owned Android operating system blessed with open source functionality, there’s a high percentage of tablet and smartphone manufacturers turning to the later, Android OS, ahead of the formal (Apple).

For developers, open source platform makes it always easier to innovate and develop great apps for the users, and to manufacturers, it makes it easier for them to manufacture products in the environment that their target audience would appreciate.

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According to a recently released report from Strategy Analytics, it shows that Android tablets are gaining on the Apple iPad with a much larger margin – this has never happened before in the history of the Cupertino based technology company popularly known for domination in the industry. At the end of Q3 (third quarter calculation and analysis), Android based tablets had been reported for 41.3% of all tablets that were shipped around the world this year alone which is a clear evidence that iPad is losing it to android tablets.

According to this statistic, the feat was on the rise to the 29.2% slice of the tablet market that the platform previously held a year ago. On the other hand, the iPad’s global share has declined from 64.5% in third-quarter of 2011 to 56.7% this year. Windows based platform has once again experienced a decline in its share with a drop from 2.3% to 1.6% in the same time span while others slumped from 4.1% to 4% respectively.

Many even think with the launch of the iPad Mini, it will help the company’s market share to soar higher, but, the result turned out to be different with the sudden out-turn of the tablets in favor of Android.

Few things that gave Android tablets upper hand over iPad

Moderate pricing: While the Apple iPad sells for $329, the android tablets on the other hand sells below $200 – a moderate pricing for average mobile smartphone user around the world.

A Phonearena‘s pundit explained in his post that Android is gaining on the iPad because of some reasons, and pricing is among those reasons. He continued further wishing the android tablets to continue to climb to the top than the iPad.

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Accessibility to the OS: Android OS is popular with something and that is open source software accessibility. Mobile app developers are now switching to the android platform all because the business is changing. The total number of apps developed on android are more appreciable than those ones on iOS with limited tools.

What’s your views about android tablets claiming grounds over Apple iPad? Please share them with us in the comment section. 

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