Here’s the Legendary iPhone 4S Siri Commercial

The first iPhone 4s Siri commercial is out and here is the video of the ad showcasing the amazing features of the tablet. It is legendary!

The first iPhone 4s siri commercial

Once upon a time, there was a commercial that changed the world and broke the boundaries between man and machine. It was the iPhone 4S Siri commercial, and it was legendary.

The commercial first debuted in October 2011, and it immediately captured the attention of the world. In the commercial, a woman asks Siri, the iPhone 4S’s virtual assistant, a series of questions, and the answers she gets are nothing short of remarkable. Siri quickly finds the weather forecast, directions to a nearby restaurant, and even suggests a good movie to watch. The woman is amazed, and it’s clear that Siri has revolutionized the way we interact with our phones.

The impact of the commercial can’t be understated. It demonstrated the potential of artificial intelligence, showed what was possible with voice recognition technology, and it sparked a wave of innovation in the mobile industry. It’s no wonder that, even today, Siri remains one of the most popular virtual assistants on the market.

The commercial also showed the world the power of Apple’s marketing machine. The company was able to take an impressive, but complex, technology and package it in a way that was accessible and easy to understand. This was a huge step forward in terms of making technology more approachable, and it’s something that Apple has continued to do with great success.

The iPhone 4S Siri Commercial will go down in history as one of the most iconic commercials of all time. It changed the way we interact with our phones, ushered in a new era of artificial intelligence, and showed the world what was possible with the right marketing. It’s a classic example of how a great commercial can have a major impact, and it’s sure to be remembered for years to come.

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