iPhone 5 to Feature 4-Inch Display with Cool Specs

iPhone 5 to Feature 4-Inch Display

Recently, there were series of rumours that the iPhone 5 will likely come with a larger screen. And now, we can authoritatively tell you that it is going to come with 4 inch screen.

According to Susquehanna Financial analyst, Chris Caso, iPhone 5 is going to feature a 4-inch display and iPhone 5 production will be started somewhere around this June this year, 2012. The current iPhone 4S has a screen size of 3.5 inch and it shows that the screen size of the iPhone 5 would likely become larger than the previous iPhone version. And we’re expecting it that Apple will not change iPhone 5 display resolution so as to avoid fragmentation.

But if iPhone 5 display will be similar to that of the iPhone 4S, it means its pixel density will surely be reduced to 290 ppi due to its screen size of 4-inch display.iPhone 5 specs, email rumoured

A Japanese blog by name Macotakara, has recently reported that Sony and Hitatchi – a Japan based manufacturing company, have started shipping process for the 4-inch screens of iPhone 5 device. Another source from iLounge claims that Apple will officially launch the iPhone 5 during the summer of 2012.

However, the iPh0ne 5 will come with 8mm size and longer than the current version. It will be equipped with a 10 megapixel camera, Siri assistant.

Other features of iPhone 5

  • Faster processor
  • Aluminium back
  • Messed up color profile
  • Metallic casing

It is expected that Apple will increase the screen size of iPhone 5 to alleged 4-inch display in order to compete with the Android based phones because the current screen size of most Android phones are larger than that of iPhones.

Recently, Business Insider has reported that the iPhone 5 was scrapped few months before the official announcement of the then iPhone 4S and it was existed as a prototype even till now. They have received this information from an industry source. Business Insider reports….

Previously, lots of were very much disappointed when Apple changed its plan to launch iPhone 4S in place of the iPhone 5. But the good news this year is that, you will not be dissapointed as last year again as Apple will be launching the device around the summer of 2012.

According to 9t05Mac, it shows that they have found references to iPhone 5 in the first beta version of iOS 5.1.

But you will have to wait till the summer of this year to buy iPhone 5.






17 responses to “iPhone 5 to Feature 4-Inch Display with Cool Specs”

  1. JamesW Avatar

    this will be great, the screen will look so powerful.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Yes, it will looks nice

  2. karan Avatar

    4 inch isn’t that large. It would be stupid if they come up with the same old 3.5 inch screen. I love big phones. Look at galaxy note – 5.3 inch. Absolutely adorable:D

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Thanks for your comment Karan

  3. Chris Lucernoni Avatar
    Chris Lucernoni

    We will see if this happens. We hear this every year that it will be a huge over haul…but last year was such a huge disappointment. I’m an Android guy personally, but I hope the iOS folks get some loving this year.

  4. Michael Bellemeur Avatar
    Michael Bellemeur

    The iPhone 5 looks and sounds awesome, another great work of the Apple engineers. Apple has launched amazing products and each time they have something new to offer. By the way, I’m wondering about the messed up color profile feature. I’m sure lots of Apple fans are looking forward to fiddle with the iPhone 5.

  5. homes for sale in florida Avatar
    homes for sale in florida

    this is pretty awesome. I can’t wait to have it on my own. . well, sooner or later it would be. anyway, thanks for sharing such wonderful post. I really like it.

  6. Jacko Avatar

    This is an interesting position for the mighty iphone now isn’t it? This is why I am predicting the peak for apple and a slow decline coming soon.

  7. Vineet Avatar

    Loved the post…

    btw Admin your adsense leaderboard is overflowing the post box and is overwriting the sidebar.. Just to let u know

  8. Christine Avatar

    I also hope they won’t be changing the resolution if the are to come up with a 4-inch display. I am sure it would look more classy with its aluminum back. I cannot wait to feast my eyes on that new iPhone5.

  9. Nishadha Avatar

    Wow, the rate these things are developing is phenomenal. I guess its a constant struggle to keep the users happy.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Thanks man…hope you know the contest has started..you can check the homepage for that

  10. Hire php developers Avatar
    Hire php developers

    Wooo.. it has 10megapixel camera..its amazing..m sure it will as popular as iphone 4

  11. swill388 Avatar

    Thanks Olawale Daniel

    I am crazy about I-pads. I have recently purchased a Apple i-pad 2 for me and now i am waiting for the i-phone 5. This phone is amazing with full of all the features

  12. Natural Stone Jewelry Avatar
    Natural Stone Jewelry

    with the rapid advancement of technology, perhaps the Iphone 5 has been included smartphoe unmatched, seen from all points of view, Iphone 5 lots bring cutting edge technology that is ready to satisfy the public

  13. Jack Avatar

    It seems that people are getting restless with this rumors or so called leaked hardware. It would be interesting to see if Apple holds any event in this march to release iPad 3 and iPhone 5.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      I also hope that can happen. Thanks for your comment

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