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3 Good Differences between iPhone 5 & the Samsung Galaxy S3 – the reader’s choices

Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 are one of the best phones on this planet, which enthusiast, and at the same time encourage millions of people to use them. These two smartphones, the iPhone 5 and the controversial Samsung Galaxy S3 are multi-purpose smart phones which are used for different tasks and can contain as much information as you want them to contain without making the processor work slow. And at the same time, they store the information without losing a single one of them.

Then can you now imagine when the two phones compete with each other? But if you are to be asked which one is the best, are you to choose iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3?Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5

I want to clarify to you that after reading this article, you’ll be able to differentiate which one is the best in your own words. So, I want to mention some of the good differences between these supreme smart devices. But before we continue, quickly read the previous comparisons published in issue one and two.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5


Samsung Galaxy S3 has a higher chance to win the Apple iPhone 5 here, because the display of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is 9x (nine times) better than that of the iPhone 5. Samsung Galaxy S3 has 1280*720 displays while that of the iPhone 5 is 1163*640 displays, if we are to practically compare the two phones’ display, the display of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is better than iPhone. Also the Samsung Galaxy has 0.8 cubic inches of space to add to its features.

With this display you can watch any kind of video on your phone and you will not have any bad eye sight or having eye defect.

With these, I think Samsung Galaxy S3 won against the iPhone 5 in the display category.

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Wireless Connectivity

The Apple iPhone 5 has brought the iPhones’ generation into the new 4G LTE technology, which is one of the great news for the Verizon and Sprint users who had previously been using the 3G CDMA network. The GSM model will also support LTE plus HSPA, even though LTE isn’t available outside the US, the fewer places within will have access through the iPhone.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 is released with supports for all carriers in the US, and it is also available to everyone in the whole world. Aside that, it also supports NFC technology (this feature is what makes it easier for people with credit card to pay via their mobile phone with ease) and FM radio, in terms of wireless connectivity.

Then we have to say that the Samsung Galaxy S3 won the IPhone 5 due to the support of FM radio and NFC and also carries the whole world along while Apple iPhone 5 is basically made available for fewer people and region.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 is far better than the IPhone 4s in term of processing, because it is more powerful, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a new CPU, it also has an enhance GPU which is likely to outperform the iPhone 4S. In other words it is not the same with the IPhone 5. The Apple iPhone 5 is a kind of phone that has a standard processor and can stand on its own to perform any task given.

The iPhone 5 uses A6, which is actually an ARM Cortex A15. That is to be compared with the to the ARM Cortex –A9 that almost every smartphone uses. And according to the ARM, the A15 is conservatively 25x better than the A9.

In terms of processing, iPhone 5 has a great opportunity to win Samsung Galaxy S3 but to me I will say that the winner is the iPhone 5 not the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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All the facts and figures explained in this post are my personal believe and researches, that has nothing to do with official features that the manufacturers publishes about their product – but this writings are my personal experiences and understanding.

Please if you have one or two comments to share about my comparison, I’d be glad to reply to them one after the other.

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