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iPhone 6s on its way, Sports 12 – Megapixel iSight Camera With 4K Recording

Finally, Apple has confirmed its September 9 event which has been in the rumors earlier this month, in the event, it is expected that Apple will officially announce its new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus smartphones.Apple iPhone 6s debuts

Besides the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus announcement, other Apple products expected to debut includes the next-gen Apple TV and the formal launch of iOS 9. Enough rumors and photo leaks through the web has given us an idea of what the iPhone devices would look like and the features that it might sport at release.

As previous rumours speculated, the new iPhone 6s devices are expected to sport rear camera upgrade to 12 megapixels alongside ability to record 4K videos as 9to5Mac reported. Current models of iPhone has 8-megapixel rear iSight camera on them and can’t record 4K resolution video. If this happens to be true, this will be the first time the iPhone series is getting an upgrade in camera power since the release of the iPhone 4S.

We also get a gist about the FaceTime camera boosting up quality for video recording and selfie shots, Apple is assumed bent on adding front-facing flash on the FaceTime camera, as 9to5Mac sources sport a code on the iOS 9 beta versions indicating inclusion of front-facing flash, the source has denied such report, instead it is said that the iPhone may borrow some features from  Snapchat or PhotoBooth where a quick white screen would pop whenever user clicks a shutter for the front camera. Other interesting features include front-facing panorama shots and HD resolution slow motion video recording.

More of the rumored popped out on web include images of the yet-to-be assembled box cover of the iPhone 6S Plus, it shows a gold koi pond fish wallpaper, cementing the speculation. Although sources say the animated wallpaper may not make it to the final consumer release.

What about the rumoured iPhone 6S dispaly panel with the Force Touch technology, Macrumors released new set of images with a closer look on the panel, nothing new was revealed but it does buttress on the already talked about Forced Touch technology. The image leak source revealed that the display panel is slightly thicker and heavier than that in the iPhone 6. The Forced Touch technology was confirmed with a mysterious chip placed on the panel.

A video posted last month displayed the purpoted iPhone 6S display panel, when 9to5Mac also tested some iOS 9 code, some Force Touch feature code were discovered. The feature is said to be used for numerous functions, one of which is for keyboard trackpad scrolling.

cnBeta which leaked the unassembled iPhone 6S plus cover box we talked about also reported a smaller battery for both iPhone 6S handsets, it is said to be a 2750mAh battery, down from the current proposed 2915mAh offering.

As for the new pink colour variant, the device is now said to release in the specific Rose Gold colour variant in the Apple Watch. Another thing to note which was reported was that the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus would likely be missing out on sapphire crystal display covers.

Combining the whole package, recent leaked has shown Apple to be using System in Package (SiP) technology for the new smart devices, and release the cellular in the same storage variants – 16GB, 64GB and 128GB. Apart from the metal casing, both the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus has said to redesign wireless systems powered by Qualcomm’s Cat 6. LTE Chip.

Olukunle Moseshttps://www.techatlast.com/olukunle-moses/
Olukunle Moses is currently the editor-in-chief for TechAtLast Media Blogs Network.

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  1. Hi, it’s interesting to look at this iPhone 6s article. The iPhone 6s is a magnificent device and the best iphone yet in the year of 2015.


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