The Most Useful iPhone Apps for Car Users

According to Apple, there are more than a half million iPhone apps. This incredible array of apps has transformed the way people get their news, connect with others and stay in shape. Many apps were specifically created for motorists. This is a list of the most useful iPhone apps for the car.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio iPhone appTuneIn Radio is an essential radio app for anyone who enjoys live radio programming and wants to explore local or international radio stations. You can access more than 50,000 radio stations and 120,000 programs that feature music, news, talk, weather and sports. This app allows you to browse by location and genre. One distinctive feature of this app is that it enables you to record, rewind and pause live radio programs. You can replay your favorite music, fast-forward during commercials and pause when you need to step away from your car. TuneIn displays the title of the current song, artist and album cover art beneath the radio listing. Download from App Store


iGasUp iphone appiGasUp has a network of over 110,000 gas stations across the country. This app pinpoints your location and displays the 10 nearest gas stations. The information is based upon data from the Oil Price Information Service. You can sort the data based upon the lowest price or closest location. The information is frequently updated and displays a time stamp to indicate the relevance of the price. You can use the interactive map feature to determine the best route to the gas station. If you plan to fill your tank later, you can enter the zip code of your destination to instantly see your best option. Future updates of this app will include gas station amenities, such as convenience stores, car washes and service centers. Download from App Store


repairpal iphone app auto repairRepairPal is an indispensable app for motorists who need up-to-date automotive maintenance and repair information. This app will help you:

  • Get an estimate for repairs
  • Locate the nearest mechanic
  • Obtain roadside assistance

RepairPal has an intuitive platform. You simply enter your car’s model and make, the required automotive assistance and your zip code or city. The system will display an estimate that includes the price of parts and labor from nearby automotive service centers and independent repair shops. The list includes the address and distance to the repair facilities. RepairPal also provides information and advice on the automotive service you selected. You can access roadside assistance by scrolling to your car manufacturer and tapping the name. Download from App Store

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