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Blogger Tools: 45 Interesting iPhone Apps for Bloggers Productivity

Blogging via mobile phone has becomes an act that every bloggers are now embracing in everyday because it simplifies their life and mode of living. Apple iPhone is a widely used phone for blogging activities these days, because of the simplicity and an unequalled feature that comes with the phone.

To make the phone more interesting, Apple Inc. allow iphone developers to create different types of apps for the phone in order to make it perform some special functions that weren’t made available into the phone by default.

If you want to download files faster from the web; there is an app for that, if you want to write articles to your website; you will certainly find thousands of apps that will make that easy for you to do. There is nothing you will need that you won’t be able to have on the phone with the use of third-party apps made by ios developers with the support of apple.

Interesting iPhone Apps for Bloggers
Interesting iPhone Apps for Bloggers | credit

For bloggers, you need some apps for you to excel as a blogger if you have an Apple iPhone or iPad device – with your apple product, you can update, and do more blogging activities with ease.

I have in this article the lists of the top must-have iphone and ipad apps for any blogger that want to be successful within a short period of time. This post took me some days to compile together in order to make it presentable for you. Kindly read and share this article with your friends out there for them to benefits from it as well, just as you are currently benefiting from it.

iPhone Apps for Bloggers Productivity

Blog Management

1.) WordPress for iPhone and iPad

WordPress is the number one and most popular CMS platform (content management system) with large database of users on it.

Every day, new blogs are coming onto the stage, and most of those blogs will either be hosted on WordPress or Google’s blogger platform. And for a blogger who wants a change in his or her blogging activities; the person will have to consider using WordPress platform because of the advanced features the person is going to enjoy from the platform over the Google’s blogger platform.

And now, there is an application for iphone and iPad users and bloggers whose blogs are hosted on WordPress CMS environment. Not only can you write good and quality articles to your blog, but, you can also edit and do more. However, the app comes with feature that enable instant upload of media files such as video and images.

2.) Blogpress

BlogPress is an easy to use, fast, and rich blogging app that highly integrated with most of your favourite social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Picasa web albums.

3.) SEO IT

Blogging (while travelling) need proper tracking of how you are performing on several search engines pages, and that is why this app comes handy for anyone who wants to check, and track their search engine position on their mobile phones. SEO IT can easily help you analyze your website’s Search Engine Optimization techniques with ease.

The app will examine plenty of different parts of a webpage including the complete source code listing, tag counts, META tags, title contents, backlinks and many other option of a website you choose to check. You can as well use it to track the performance of your competitors’ right from your iphone app page.

Too curious about how your competitors are making it to the top page of search engines?

Then use this app to check and track them with ease. It is not free though; the $0.99 fee isn’t that much for what you can use the app for. It is developed by Infinidigm, Inc. and you can download the app from iTunes here.

3.) iBlogger

iBlogger is an official app for Google’s blogger based websites on iPhone. Apart from the blogger platform based integration, you can as well use it for other interesting functions because; it works for other platforms as well. It is fully loaded app.

And it is a perfect app for bloggers to add links to their blog post and also allow the integration of Google Maps with published posts for location based contents, and it as well works for other location-based services on the internet. This app doesn’t come free like others, but the $10 price tag on it worth its functions and you should consider checking it out.

4.) Vaestro Voice Blogosphere

This is an app that makes it easier for all text blogger to have a platform that makes things easier for them. The app has a lot of features and you can check them out on the site.

5.) Drupad

This is the best app that comes good for Drupal platform based bloggers that will use it for their blogging activities via their iPhone device. It will let you as a blogger do blogging with ease inside the drupal environment without stress.

6.) TypePad

If you are on TypePad, you should be rejoicing because of the new apps – which make it easier for bloggers like you to update your blog with some editing functionality to make your blog look perfect.

Features of TypePad for iPhone

  • Write new posts for your blog within few seconds
  • Publish images to your blog from your iPhone’s photo albums or from the camera.
  • Update your friends on Twitter about the latest post on your blog.

Search & Stay Updated with the World on your Palm

7.) Google Mobile

Google is known as the number one search engine provider on the internet. And different webmasters all across the globe uses it and depend mostly on it, because it helps them rank their blogs for search engine ranking positioningBut in most cases, using Google on mobile phone is not a palatable experience except you make use of specially designed applications to make it enjoyable. For some mobile phone users, using Opera Mini web browser can be interesting for them to use Google, but, there will still be some limits –especially when it comes to loading of JavaScript files and some others.

So, here comes an iphone and iPad app for Google alone, and it lets you experience the advanced features of Google search on your device with both Voice and My Location feature.

Useful Features of Google Mobile:

  • Voice search capability for information around the web
  • Fast and easy one-time access to other popular Google services such as GmailGoogle Earth, Google Picasa Photos, GTalk and Google reader etc.
  • Use My Location to search efficiently – You can use the Google’s My Location feature on your phone. By using this app when you specify where you are, you are going to get lists of businesses very near to that location without stress. That will help you get more information about any business or company very closer to where you located at in case you want to transact business.
  • Real-time Suggestion – this app works very well to the extent that when you type into it, it will give you real-time and time-saving suggestions for your web browsing shortcuts, contacts, browsing history, word completions and many more.

8.) Byline

Byline allows bloggers to read the latest news from their favourite blogs in one single platform. Be it techatlast or any other websites on the internet, just by entering the feed URL of such blogs to get the updates from the site. It automatically synchronise with the Google Reader and thereby offer you free offline surfing and reading functionality without any hassle. Though, this app is not for free but it worth the price you are to pay for it.

Analytical Tracking and Results

9.) Analytics App

This is the best app for tracking the performance of a website according to the actual amount of traffic that particular website was able to get at a particular period. It offers several segments for different tracking tools on the web. But, you have to make sure that you don’t waste most of your time on this app because it can help you waste much of your time with the multiple tracking platform it offers.

47.) Are My Sites Up

If you are a blogger with host of several blogs or websites, using this iPhone app will help you keep your websites alive every time without hassle with a few clicks. The app lets you track the status of your websites on the internet. And then send the details of how your websites are performing via email and SMS alerts. You can view your websites details and get push alerts on the fly.

Download the app from iTunes or Download the Lite version from iTunes

10.) Woopra

Woopra is the top most comprehensive, easy to use, information rich, real-time Web tracking and analysis application for iPhone users. When you’re looking for results that are more than what Google Analytics offers; then download this app and enjoy its benefits.

11.) AnalyticsPro

This app is useful for checking blog stats for the latest traffic and other useful statistics about your website.

Getting Things Done faster

12.) Jott

Jott is an awesome iphone application that can make SIRI useless at some time is Jott, though, the functions of the two is different from each other. Jott is a voice-to-text transcription app that lets you jot down your next email message information just by speaking into your phone and getting everything written down for you without you having to type anything again…..

Do I still need to type? No at all!

You don’t need to type out those long and boring email messages with your iPhone device touch pad, all you need to do is to speak all you have got to say into the Jott app’s recording interface, then wait for your recorded voice to display on your Jott app notes later on.

After the output, then you can save the content extracted into your email editing interface to email them to your friends, families or just save it as a document on your phone.

Additional Features of Jott includes:

  • Voice-to-Text Notes
  • Group Messaging capability
  • Email and Text Reminders
  • To Do Lists
  • Hands-free Email and Text and many more other features

13.) WriteRoom

WriteRoom is an easy to use distraction-free writing environment that makes it easier for writers to writer without any form of distraction on his iphone device. If you are looking for a perfect time management tool for your blogging activities on iPhone, then check this out.

14.) Instapaper

This app is really a Godsend to humanity! You can now save your internet connection bandwidth instead of wasting it with the use of this app.

It is useful for saving webpages for later offline reading (such as a web portal, ReadItLater). All the contents stored on this app while you are surfing the net are fully optimized for better readability on all iPhone or iPod touch screens. This app has been endorsed by Apple for users and as well as some top blogs on the web. It works perfectly like the ReadItLater website which was ranked among the top fifty websites in 2011.

15.) OmniFocus

As a blogger, you’ll need to manage some tasks that aren’t easy to control with normal jotting, and this app will make it easier for you to manage those tasks with ease at your fingertips. There are many things that you can do with the  and some of them are what I listed below:

  • You can keep proper track of activities you are about to do by project, date, or time.
  • Come up with a shopping list of items that you’ll discuss at your working place, tasks you are going to do at home and other tasks.
  • Location-Wise: This app can help you create a routine list of tasks and actions you are to complete very close to a place at a particular time.
  • Are you looking for a perfect place you can groceries from? Don’t worry yourself much because OmniFocus has a feature that will display the nearest grocery store around the place you are located, and it can also create a fast list for you with the information acquired.

16.) RememberTheMilk

Remember me oh lord! That is the perfect name this app supposed to be called. It helps you remember whatever you want to remember. Be it you wanted to to the other part of the world, and you wanted to remind yourself of the date or any other thing.

That is the perfect app for everyone whose job is to blog the world and share useful information with people and doesn’t have the actual tool to use at hand. It is interesting and powerful app you cannot afford to lose.

17.) Idea Organizer

A single idea can change a person’s life for better forever and what could have happened if such an idea was lost due to improper recording. But since you now have a well functional iPhone device at your disposal, you will never lose out on your ideas any more. Idea organizer for iphone smartphone lets you record the ideas for your next blog post or about the new plugin that you wanted to install on your blog or any other things that are valuable to you.

You can record those ideas both in voice and text version, thereby giving you freedom to ideate anywhere you are without hassle or disturbance.

18.) Evernote

Evernote is an iphone app which lets you keeps record of any idea anywhere you are without stress. All this becomes possible with the Evernote’s cloud-based sync – which makes it easier to recall that information back any time you want it from your iPhone, iPod, PC, Mac and the Web. It was featured in our must-have android apps category.

Evernote Features:

  • Ability to create and edit on the fly
  • You can snap new photo from your device directly into your evernote account
  • Ability to record a fast voice memo into your online Evernote account
  • Access your notes anywhere you are with ease
  • Ability to view notes offline like Google Doc

19.) ShapeWriter

Do you love to be creative while typing your blog post’s contents? If yes, that means you are a click away from enjoying Shapewriter on your iPhone device and some other Apple’s products such as iPad and iPod Touch. This app lets you input data into the device just by tracing with your hand without the need of typing with your keypad.

One thing that makes this app more interesting and exciting is that, it has an auto-complete feature which helps you complete most of the words as you are tracing them into the app. Example, let’s say you want to write “English language is the best language ever”. By the time you would’ve have traced English this app will help you complete the other sentences with the remaining word such as lish and if you don’t want that suggestion you can continue with what you are entering without choosing its suggested words.

20.) Mocha VNC

Mocha VNC provide you access to the VNC Virtual Server on your device. With this app, you can link up any type of computer, be it Windows or Mac, and be able to access, transfer files exactly as you would do while you were sitting in front of your PC. But the difference there is that, you will only be able to see that information from that smaller interface.

Mocha VNC Features:

  • Alternative keyboard for better control
  • Extra keys such as CTRL, ALT,Option and the Apple key
  • Comes with zooming ability
  • Has scrolling feature
  • Advanced Mouse Support

21.) Air Mouse

Right on your phone screen, you can now control your computer remotely with easy. Browse the web, download, browse photo library and control your PC’s music player with ease anywhere you are. Air Mouse will immediately convert any iPhone or iPod Touch device into an cloud mouse for your computer without stress.

Air Mouse Features:

  • Motion sensing mouse
  • Touchpad
  • Keyboard
  • Left and Right position mouse buttons

Payment and Earning

22.) Paypal

If you want to live the internet lifestyle in full, you’ll definitely need to consider using this PayPal app for payment and checking of your account on the fly. There is nothing you will hate most than having money in your account and you want to use it to pay for a service, and weren’t able to use it due to limitation of your current location to your computer when you have an Apple iPhone with you.

Download this app and start using it to make payment online via PayPal without hassle. You can also use this app for checking the record of your PayPal account for money coming in and those one’s going out of your account.

The PayPal app will enable you to send money from your existing PayPal account to any other PayPal account effortlessly.

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23.) iEarn

iEarn app for iPhone lets you check your Google AdSense earnings, and some other statistics via your iPhone. By default, it displays your Google Adsense™ earnings for today, yesterday, or last 7 days – it also support access to view your last month and this month’s earning. Concerned about security the security of your account? Don’t panic, since this app has the ability to connect directly with the Google Adsense™ server using HTTPS secure connection.

Stay Connected with the World – Social Media

24.) Google+ App

Google+ app is cool but I think Google need to add some additional features to it to make it standalone. But it is one of the powerful blogger tools out there that one cannot afford to miss.

25.) Pinterest App

The official Pinterest app information can be found here. It is quite good for promotion of blog post; images, videos and presentations, to the whole world. It is understatement to say Pinterest app is one of helpful and useful blogger tools available at our disposal today.

26.) Twitter

If you blog consistently, it would be a good idea for you to make use of twitter as one of your best marketing tools. There are countless numbers of twitter app for iphone devices but the one I recommend and used myself is the official Twitter app for iPhone.

27.) Twitterrific

Twitteriffic is one of the best twitter social networking site applications I’ve ever used since when I’ve been blogging online. Twitteriffic for iphone makes it easier for bloggers (especially those who love to stay up to date with their friends and followers on Twitter), to share contents with their friends and followers.

Twitteriffic will let you share your latest blog post’s link with your readers and followers via twitter with ease. There are more tasks you can use this app for, tasks like; tweeting and retweeting with your twitter account on the go and some other things.

28.) ShoZu

What is the essence of a blog with no promotional techniques? A blogger who want to achieve a lot shouldn’t underestimate Social Media Promotion because of the benefits they can get from using it. And to make headway with social media promotion via your mobile phone while on vacation and others; you’ll need a perfect app that can make that change you need. And that is where ShoZu comes in! It is an interesting iPhone app for bloggers, ShoZu supports promotion of weblogs through numerous social networking websites such as TwitterFacebookMySpace, and Photo Bucket. But I think Google+ will come in soon.

However,  ShoZu doesn’t comes free at all, but it worth the price on it if you consider what you are going to be enjoying while using it, and some of the features and advantages it has over other free apps out there.

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27.) Posterous

Posterous is one of the easiest ways to share photos, video and some ideas safely with your family, friends and groups of people without stress as a blogger.

Posterous app makes it a reality for you to share photos, video and some others with your friends and family and some group of people that have something to get from those files as a blogger via your iphone device.

28.) CoverItLive iPhone

CoverItLive is an interesting live event publishing platform like Meeting Burner which is used by thousands of writers in order to engage millions of people throughout the world. CoverItLive lets bloggers, journalists and media companies to cover their live events with a real-time reporting and social engagement sharing without hassle.

29.) Fring

Fring is the perfect mobile messaging client for blogger. It comes handy because of its multi-platform capability. It supports GTalk, MSN, AIM, Skype, Yahoo, and ICQ, Twitter, favourable, it also support VoIP calls via Wi-Fi connection.

Fring iPhone App Features:

  • Ability to make VoIP call over Wi-Fi connection
  • SIP integration
  • Instant Messaging (IM)

30.) HootSuite

HootSuite is a faultless application for social media content management and automation of social activities with a few clicks on your iphone screen without stress. HootSuite is the best service that lets bloggers schedule there social media activities by storing them on its server for later time delivery. This helps bloggers deliver their contents to the exact people they are targeting without stress, and also, this app will make it easier for you to auto-post every time you have latest blog post on your blog just by entering your RSS FEED details.

31.) Thumbtacts

Thumbtacts lets you search any of your contacts by using your thumb. With Thumbtacts, you just have to touch an option (it may be a character string or a letter) in order to process the next series of available matches for the letter or character.

Clear Your Mind to be more Productive

32.) Original Brain Toot

Brain Toot is an advanced brain games that will provide you a modest and exciting way to give your brain exercise for optimal performance. It contains sixteen brains drilling mind games that will give your brain some tests in order to help you examine your memory level, mathematical calculation level, visual and thinking skills level.

32.) Oblique Strategies

This app will let you break through a creative block to help you become more proactive as writer. Oblique Strategies offer short inspirational phrases and some questions that will help you have more words to use in your next blog post. You don’t have to lose more words now that this app is available for your usage.

33.) Binaural beats

This is a must have app for any blogger who wants to remain productive especially at the times when he or she wants to make his brain to go through either testing, resting or sleeping mode.

It lets your brain relax, concentrate when you were sleeping by helping the brain to observe diverse brainwave states like: beta? theta, alpha, delta.

It combines different nature of sounds; you can as well create theme tune by yourself such as study aid, sleep induction and others. With this app you can be sure of getting lot of things done in a short time with no distraction!

Design and Creativity Tools

34.) Storyz

Logo speaks a lot about how blog will be referred to outside of the world – where your eyes cannot reach, where you can’t reach to know what’s happening unless you travel to the place. This app makes it easier for bloggers to design a quick image for their website on the fly with a few clicks.

You don’t have to pay all those hundreds of dollars for website logo designers when you can design an interactive image (logo) for your blog anywhere you are. This app doesn’t require much techie skills and even, a layman can use it easily.

35.) Graphic Design Quiz

This is a creativity quiz app made mainly for bloggers and web designers to enjoy their time, and to also be able to learn along the line. The game has different levels for users score, hi-score in the game is for the “guru design” whiles other scores follows. As a user of the app, you can share your scores on the popular social media site such as Facebook to make your friends see what you are made up of as a blogger with your iPhone device.

36.) ColorSight

This  app is good for creating and emailing swatches. The app provides detailed colour metrics such as HSB, RGB, HEX and CMYK, for every colour you are working on.

This is a perfect app for everyone who is into designing and others things related to that.

37.) Palettes

Palettes is an efficiency and productivity tool to create and maintain different colour palettes right from your iphone screen.  You can now convert your iPhone into a more portable colour creation tool effortlessly.

Palettes Features include:

  • You can take several colours from a website, a photograph, or add your colours using five colour models inside the app
  • Speedily find equivalent colours with its support for several colour schemes
  • You have ability to browse for colour palettes from Colour lover’s site directly.

38.) Ruler

Until now, measuring on mobile phone isn’t an easy task for everyone! But there is a solution to that now. There is an iPhone app for more accurate measurement. Now is the time to rule without a real ruler with your iphone!

Measuring object is very simple, just place it on the screen of your phone or anywhere next to the phone. Just by moving the line limiter from one place to another, you can get the correct dimension of that object. There is more to the app than just measuring by size; you can as well switch from inches to centimetres and vice-versa to evaluate results that you get on the phone screen. Ruler app for iphone always by default can store your measured data so that you can use it when next you are in need of them.

39.) Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop express is another app that comes handy for anyone especially bloggers that loves to get good and high quality image or logo for their blogs with its simple to use platform. You can use this app to knock up a quality image or logo for your blog without stress. It works the same way just like the ShoZu app does, but, still has an extra added feature that makes it more preferable to the formal. Like the normal Adobe Photoshop PC application that lets people craft nice and awesome designs, this mobile phone based app will let you do the same thing. But the difference here now is that you’ll have to do it from a tiny screen. And it come with the right price, it’s free!

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40.) CliqcliqColors

When it comes to colour management, CliqCliq colours is the perfect and small tiny app for bloggers and web designers to use in finding colour properties. Ever since, designers or developers are using HTML5, CMS and Flash.

But, as an expert in designing, you’ll need great tool for getting the exact colours that you want for your next design project and getting those colour properties converted between several scales and formats with ease – this app makes that easy for you to do.

CliqCliq Colours Features:

  • Easily send the palette in .bmb, .txt, .aco extension
  • It comes with a camera combination and auto-colour extraction
  • Multi-select colour deletion from the palette

41.) Colorpedia

This is another colour and design management tool for any serious designer and bloggers. You just need to check it out because it offers a lot of useful features which you are going to find useful as well.

Sharing and Transfer of Files

42.) Air Sharing

This app is built for iPhone and iPod touch phones but it will still work on other Apple phones. It makes it easier for sharing of files and data via wireless connection to iphone and other devices.

43.) PixelPipe

PixelPipe is among the best free iphone application that comes with photo sharing capabilities. With the PixelPipe app, user can send photos to some of the popular social networking and photo sharing sites over the internet. Some of the sites accepted are:

  • Twitter
  • Flickr
  • YouTube
  • Seesmic
  • FriendFeed
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • WordPress
  • FTP sites

44.) BeamME

This app is useful for exchanging e-business card. You can easily send e-business card on your mobile smartphone (iPhone) to other media devices such as PC, Blackberry phones, Android devices, Treos, Macs etc.

45.) Photo Bucket

With this new iphone application, you can upload photos to the main PhotoBucket.com website to share with your clients and team members. Aside sharing images uploaded on this website via the app, you  can also share files to social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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