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How to Join iPhone Developer Program – iOS Developer Program Guide

iPhone Developer Program University – How to Enrol and the benefits you get

iPhone is known as the number one most used smartphone as at last year even till now, if not for the still competition that Google Android OS is bringing about, iOS is still topping the list. iOS 5 is the latest of Apple’s OS and it is one of the operating system that comes with useful and advanced feature that can help both developers and end users while using the device.

iPhone Developer Program is an initiative of Apple to help developers that are interested in developing apps that can work on iphone, iPad and iPod touch device – it is like an institution for everyone that join and there are hundreds of thousands of developers already producing apps and others under the iPhone developer program alone.

ios 5 university - iphone developer program university for iOS developers

In order to help people become a better developer for Apple’s products, the company creates a program for individual and corporate institutions that wants to allow or enable the study of iOS developments for their schools or colleges the opportunity of doing so with its new University program called iOS Developer University Program. It was aimed at nurturing new and upcoming developers so as to be able to produce app and other applications that can work on most of the Apple’s products such as iPhone and iPad or the iPod Touch.

In this article, I shall be covering the details of the iPhone developer program university and how it is being run and some of the things you are required to have in case you wanted to enrol in the program anytime starting from now.

The iOS Developer University Program according to Apple is a free program that was designed for higher education institutions that are looking for opportunity to introduce iOS development into their institution curriculum. And also, the iphone developer program does come in  three different stages, one for free students, while another one is for standard iphone developers whose aims is to create app for the purpose of selling or releasing it for free. The last phase is for organizations and companies that want creates app for their business management which they can share with employees and members in order to use it in the organization.

The iphone developer program benefits splits into four different categories to help you understand what you can get as a student of any of the program:

1. Access to iOS Student Development Team

iphone development program university studentThe iOS Developer University Program will enable instructors and professors in creating a student development team of up to 200 students. This will give the teacher-student relationship a better opportunity because they will be able to learn and interact.

2. iOS Development Resources Availability

iphone development program university development resourcesThere are elegant and sophisticated tools that are made available in the iOS SDK tool, and a wide-range of other useful resources that are in the iOS Development Center. And the student who is participating in the class session will have anything else to suffer because everything they need to develop innovative applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has been provided for them easily.

3. Ability to Test Directly on iPad, iPhone, and the iPod touch device

iphone development program university test on ipad, iphone and ipod touchWith all the tools provided for all the students, they can now test and debug their own applications by using the Xcode’s graphical debugger, or collect immediate performance data in the Instruments’ timeline view mode. And in order to see how their work is progressing, students can install their applications directly on iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch to test at their spare time. This will enable them to ensure that their applications are working properly before the final development stages.

4. Ability to Share Applications with other Developers

iphone development program university share your appThe iOS Developer University Program have an app sharing feature that let students and their professors within the same dev. team share their development applications among themselves either through email, or by uploading them to a private location on the internet for presentation & grading purposes.

iOS Developer Program University options for educational institutions

Developer University Program is a Program for higher education institutions that are looking to integrate iOS app development into their course curriculum.

Pre-release versions of iOS SDK   N/A
GM versions of iOS SDK   Yes
iOS Development Center ResourcesYes
Apple Developer Forums               Yes
Test on iPad, iPhone & iPod touch           Yes
Code-level technical support          N/A
Ad Hoc Distribution                                   N/A
App Store Distribution                   N/A
In-house Distribution                     N/A
Cost                                                  Free
Requirements                                              The Development University Program is made available for qualified, and degree granting, higher education institutions worldwide.

Standard University Program is designed for developers primarily for creating free and paid iOS applications for distribution in the Apple Store. You can learn more on the standard program now

Pre-release versions of iOS SDK   Yes
GM versions of iOS SDK   Yes
iOS Development Center ResourcesYes
Apple Developer Forums               Yes
Test on iPad, iPhone & iPod touch           Yes
Code-level technical support          Yes
Ad Hoc Distribution                                   Yes
App Store Distribution                   Yes
In-house Distribution                     N/A
Cost                                                  $99 USD


Enterprise Program is designed for companies and organizations that will be using the platform for creating special iOS applications for internal distribution. If you want to know more about this program scheme, you can learn more here

Pre-release versions of iOS SDK   Yes
GM versions of iOS SDK   Yes
iOS Development Center ResourcesYes
Apple Developer Forums               Yes
Test on iPad, iPhone & iPod touch           Yes
Code-level technical support          Yes
Ad Hoc Distribution                                   Yes
App Store Distribution                   N/A
In-house Distribution                     Yes
Cost                                                  $299 USD/year
Requirements                                              A Dun and Bradstreet Number (DUNS) are required to enrol in this program.

Click the link here to join the iOS development program or the iPhone developer program 

PS: You should know that all applicants should be able to legally bind their educational institution to the Program’s License Agreement.
And that Apple only, reserves the right to decide eligibility.
You can as well check the Frequently Asked Questions for more information and question on the iOS Developer University Program.

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  1. This is a great article, thanks a lot. Allow me to address some complaints about having to learn objective C and have an Intel Mac in order to do this development.

    Actually, learning Objective C for iPhone/iPod touch development is very smart because:

    1) It sells Macs (Microsoft does this as well–you have to have windows for development of anything Microsoft) Yeah, it does cost a bit more than a garden variety Windows machine, but as the article points out, there are many low cost Macs to choose from. In no way would you have to put out 100 pounds sterling. More like (not sure of the exchange rate right now) about 200 to 300 pounds.

    2) The skills are very easily transferred from iPhone to Mac development. So, iPhone/iPod development is in turn supporting Mac development. A smart move on Apple’s part.

    I hope everyone who is interested can manage to afford a Mac to do this sort of development. They really are not that expensive, compared to a decent PC.

  2. I didn’t had the luck to learn a real programming language. But now I know a bit of everything. Just because I had to learn for some new projects at work.

  3. This article has provided me with an insight about iOS development program, different dimensions of the program have been mentioned very well, moreover, the availability of resources, testing across multiple devices and sharing applications is all wonderful.


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