5 Custom Skin Suggestions for Your iPhone 5

With iPhone 5 skin, you can customize your iPhone device in many ways that you like. From themes to colors to almost any style you like, it is easy to transform your device in different ways and make it outstanding and suitable for you. Here are skin customization suggestions for you.

If you are a regular user of your iPhone 5 device, you will find it very necessary to protect the device from the possibility of having its screen scratched or even shattered when you carry it to every place you go. Sometimes you can forget and keep your iPhone 5 together with keys and other semi blunt objects.

One of the best ways to protect your device from such dangers and defects is to use an iPhone 5 skin. The market of mobile smartphone accessories provides a wide range of iPhone 5 skins that one can choose from, but more often than not, it is likely that you will find yourself without an idea what to choose that would definitely look great on your iPhone device.

Here, we discuss some of the best suggestions of skins you can use to personalize your iPhone today.

When choosing a custom skin for your iPhone 5 device, it is important that you consider a number of factors. The very first is the size, especially if you are going to use an iPhone case with it. The skin you choose should be well optimized to work well or fit the kind of body the iPhone 5 device has. Sometimes, it is advisable that you purchase a custom skin at the same time with the case to ensure that they all fit on your iDevice properly. In addition to that, you might also want to choose an iPhone 5 custom skin that doubles up as a case or protector for your iPhone. That known, here are some iPhone 5 skin suggestions you could use to transform your device.

All Roads Lead Home Skin

This skin’s design concept is to transform the look of the iPhone to make it completely different. Designed by David April, the skin is digitally printed with artwork on the adhesive-backed vinyl comfortably cast. The skin is colorful and coated clearly in a gloss finish so that the artwork from scratches that may damage it.

All Roads Lead Home iPhone 5 skin will transform your iPhone device, including its screen and is compatible with a case. With it, the screen and the whole cover will carry a whole new concept.

David April's All Roads lead Home Skin for iPhone 5David April’s All Roads Lead Home Skin

Guitar iPhone 5 Skin

If you are a music enthusiast and would like to show it off on your iPhone 5 device, the Guitar skin is the most appropriate skin for you to choose. This skin transforms the back of your iPhone to look like the resonator of a guitar while the front one as the controls of the musical instrument. The skin can also appeal to those who love vintage inspired themes since it looks closely similar to a wooden case or skin.

Overall, it gives the iPhone device a completely unique look that almost no one would expect. While changing the aesthetics of the iPhone, it is also able to protect it from scratches and other damages. It works well with the Apple Bumper case for iPhone 5.Guitar iPhone 5 skin for iPhone 5

Guitar inspired iPhone 5 skin.

Birth of an Idea iPhone 5 Skin

Though originally designed for the iPhone 3GS, the Birth of an Idea iPhone 5 skin is now available for all models including iPhone 5. This skin will style and protect your iPhone, all at the same time. The skin does not add any bulk to your device since it is 1 mm thick and designed to provide basic scratch protection.

Designed by David April, the skin is made from cast vinyl of premium grade, a mattle laminate, UV resistant ink and a designer’s mojo. Once you install this skin, your iPhone will rival the gloss and reflection of automotive paint. It is sophisticated and purely good for style and protection.The Birth of an Idea iPhone skin for iPhone 5

Birth of an Idea iPhone 5 Skin

The Enamoured Owl iPhone 5 Skin

The Enamoured Owl iPhone 5 Skin was designed originally for iPhone 4S, but there is now a version for iPhone 5. Inspired by color and illustration, an owl sits at the center of the outlook of this skin. With it, it is possible to avoid the bulk that comes with most of the cases such as bulkiness.

It is super thin, thinner than 1 mm and is built to be scratch resistant so it will always remain shiny and looking new on the device. You can try this skin if you would like your iPhone to have a vintage-like theme that the skin sports.Enamoured Owl skin for iPhone 5

The Enamoured Owl iPhone 5 Skin

From Dusk Till Dawn

If you like something vibrant and really appealing in terms of color and concept, the skin called From Dusk to Dawn is definitely a good pick. It is designed to showcase the impression of an environment created when the evening falls and morning cracks. The sunset on the ground and the fall of night are all conceived in this skin. You can almost think you are not holding an iPhone when with this iPhone 5 skin.The new Dusk to Dawn iPhone 5 skin

From Dusk to Dawn iPhone 5 Skin concept

Customize Your Own Skin

Installing a skin on your iPhone 5 can double up to protect it. You can make your own style or theme and use it on your iPhone 5. Wholesaleteez is one of the many places you can make a custom skin for your iPhone according to the kind of material and theme you like. Other than that, it is important that you provide your device with solid protection such as that provided by rugged cases for your iPhone 5 and these cases are available in rubber, bumper, plastic and many other types which can be obtained from SF Planet or Greatshield or other vendors of smartphone accessories near you.

Matt Reeves has lots of interest in design stuff. Being a Photoshop expert, he has spent time designing some of the best iPhone 5 cases and skins for his own consumption just to make his device look different and standing out from the rest.

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